Arthritis Pain Relief at the Office

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Work

Let’s face it. We live in an economy where we are all expendable. With a shortage of jobs and new graduates ready to work, the last thing we want to do is give our employers a reason to let us go. Although it’s illegal for employers to fire employees because of disabilities, it happens. They find other reasons to fire people go. The biggest reason—downsizing.

arthritis joint supplments, glucosamine making working possibleWorking with arthritis is difficult. Your hands freeze in position. You’re in constant pain for 8 plus hours. You take pain relievers or the prescription drug your doctor prescribed.  You don’t want to tell your boss because you’re afraid you might not have a job. So you suffer in silence.

You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t suffer in silence. Your first step is to find a better arthritis solution. Prescription drugs wear off, and the side effects can create other health problems. Instead, opt for arthritis joint supplements. Synflex glucosamine makes working easier.

Take Synflex daily and you’ll find what over 1 million people found. It is possible to work and have arthritis. The key is to fight arthritis at its source—the joints. Going the all natural route with glucosamine and chondroitin is the safest, healthiest option. Our arthritis joint supplements are made with pharmaceutical grade liquid glucosamine.  That means that it’s the closest thing to what we have in our bodies.
When you take Synflex daily, you’re rebuilding cartilage (that consists of glucosamine).  Arthritis pain will no longer be an issue at work.

We recommend taking Synflex in the morning. You can mix with your juice or in a smoothie. Take it with your breakfast so you don’t forget. You’ll notice faster results if you double your dosage for the first 10 days.  To maintain your pain relief, sign up for auto-ship (at checkout) get a discount and you’ll never forget to order your arthritis joint supplements because they’ll arrive at your doorstep every month.

You can work and have arthritis. You don’t have to tell your employer if you’re not comfortable. You can manage your pain without being under the influence of prescription drugs. Take Synflex daily and you, like so many others, will feel arthritis pain relief.

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