No More Forgetting to Order Glucosamine for Arthritis Supplements

Helping You Find Arthritis Pain Relief

We live crazy hectic lives. Some of us live off lists because it’s the only way we know we’ll remember to get things done. What stinks, though, is forgetting to add something to that growing list to begin with. 

If remembering to order glucosamine for arthritis supplements is one of the things that slips your mind, don’t fret. We know it sucks when you run out  because it throws off your quest in finding arthritis pain relief. If you didn’t know, Synflex has an Auto-Ship program to make it aiding you in your arthritis pain relief quest easier. You just sign up when you checkout and you’re good to go. 

The great thing about Auto-Ship is that you can choose which products you’ll get every month, automatically. You don’t have to call or go online. You just sign up and you’ll get your Synflex glucosamine for arthritis supplements every month. 

Another benefit is savings.  Checkout the savings graph for details. You get a recurring discount per bottle just for using  Auto-Ship, plus if you’ll get a quantity discount if you order more than one bottle. Now, if you’re by yourself, you’re probably thinking you don’t need more than one bottle a month. Well, if you have an aging pet, you can order a bottle for that. You can also share the wealth by giving a bottle of Synflex to a friend or neighbor. Go in on it together so you both get savings. Sign up for Auto-Ship today and start saving. 

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