Glucosamine Works for Dogs

Dog Joint Pain Gone!

We absolutely love it when we hear from our customers. This one makes us smile. Meet Callie.

Callie: Dog joint pain


Callie looks like a playful pup. Sadly, she wasn't able to be so playful. Here is the note we got from her pet parent.

The operator I talked to when I re-ordered your great Synflex for dogs said you might like a photo of our dog Callie. She has been on Synflex for going on a year. Callie is 9 years old, and a year ago she was finding it hard to get up or jump up and was acting older than her years. We heard about your product and thought we would give it a try. She loved the flavor and in about a week was responding to it. Now she jumps and runs and acts like a pup. You have a great product and Callie and I would like to thank you.


Callie:glucosamine work for dogs

This is a picture of Callie now. She's a beautiful, play dog, living her life arthritis pain free. We're so glad! We love hearing your stories. If you or your pet have a story you'd like to share, email us! Be sure to include a picture. We'll post it right here on our blog and across our social channels. Thanks John, for sharing this great story!


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