Glucosamine for Arthritis Lessons Learned from George Washington

Honoring a President on his Birthday with the Best Glucosamine Formula

George Washington-- Glucosamine for Arthritis

Happy Birthday President George Washington!  Today we honor the “father of our country.”  When we think of upstanding men, we think of him. He was fair, courageous, and a great leader. George Washington was a man of integrity who knew what was best for his country. He was a man of action.

We need to be more like him. If we’re noticing that it’s harder for us to move or get around, we need to take action and research the best glucosamine supplements that will work for us. We need to talk to our doctors about glucosamine for arthritis so we can find pain relief. We need to be proactive.

Like President Washington, we can have integrity by doing our bodies justice. We can educate ourselves to know what ingredients fight arthritis at the source. We loose cartilage everyday. It’s part of aging and very natural. But a little research will tell you that you can rebuild that cartilage with glucosamine for arthritis.

But it’s not just about the supplement. It’s also about the company producing the so called “best glucosamine” product. A company’s integrity matters too. Synflex takes a lot of pride in the fact that we did NOT rush our product to market. We waited until our formula was just right to make sure it actually works. Unless other glucosamine for arthritis supplements that promise results listing an array of ingredients, everything in our formula works to promote arthritis pain relief. It’s evident through our very own CEO who used Synflex himself, countless success stories, our athletes (Michael Russell and Tim Burke), and others. We honor our commitment to our product much like President George Washington honored his commitment to his country.

Today we think of President George Washington and look for lessons in the way he lived his life, so that we too may conduct business and provide the same leadership and dedication he provided his country, but in our case to our customers.


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