Glucosamine for International Left Hander’s Day!

Best Glucosamine for the Lefties!

You’re either a lefty or right. Some people are lucky enough to be both. There’s always been a quiet battle between left and right. Right and wrong. Creative and analytical. But today, we celebrate the left. Today is International Left Handers Day! You share the day with wonderful people like our Commander in Chief, Barrack Obama, George W. Bush, Herbert Hoover, and Bill Clinton. If you’re left handed, you could very well be our next president. 

Lefties are also more likely to be better at tennis. That’s good because our Michael Russell is competing in the Western & Southern Open in Cincy.  Perfect timing since our special this month centers around the upcoming US Open. Don’t forget to use promo code USOpen at checkout.

Now, just because you’re left handed and fabulous does not mean to you get a free pass at arthritis. People who are left handed feel the pain in their hands too. It hurts to move your fingers to do things like on a keyboard, hold a pen, much less play catch with the grandkids. 

But that’s where Synflex can help. The reason we’re the best glucosamine supplement is because we help lefties (and righties) fight arthritis at its source. Our pharmaceutical grade liquid glucosamine and chondroitin formula gets absorbed into your body faster so it can get to work, regenerating cartilage you’ve lost over time. Left handers can life their life to the fullest and play tennis or be the President of the United States without arthritis pain if they take Synflex glucosamine daily. If you don’t like or it doesn’t work, you can take advantage of our 90 day money back guarantee. But we know you’ll love it and it will work. 

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