Masks of Mardi Gras: Arthritis Pain Relief not Requiring a Mask

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Mardi Gras Fun

arthritis pain relief masks

Today is the official day of Mardi Gras. Although many of us have been celebrating all weekend, today is the last day where our culture tells us it’s okay to be gluttonous, drink as much as we want, eat as much as we want, party and parade around in masks in costumes. It’s another excuse for us to get wild and have some fun before we’re told we’re supposed to give up something in honor of lent and live the “good” life.  Whether or not you believe in all this is up to you. But most in the US and all over the world take this time to get a little wild. So drink up and eat up this last day.

Masks are big part of Mardi Gras. People wear colored masks, hiding behind them in the fun of the day. But just because you wear a mask during Mardi Gras doesn’t mean you have to hide behind it, especially if you have arthritis pain. Unfortunately,  we can’t hide arthritis pain. The only thing we can do is find relief.

Arthritis pain relief doesn’t come in a mask. No, it doesn’t come in a pill either or a magic potion that promises a cure. Arthritis pain relief comes in bottle, but Synflex arthritis joint supplements bottle.  If taken everyday as directed, you’ll eventually have arthritis pain relief so you can enjoy occasions like Mardi Gras.

Image: Andy Castro

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