Memorial Day Glucosamine Promise

Arthritis Pain Relief in Honor of Fallen Soldiers

It’s the unofficial kickoff to summer. Memorial Day weekend is here, and many of us will join our friends and family for a backyard cookout. There will be food, drinks, games, laughter and merriment. But are we celebrating because it’s another excuse to not work and enjoy the warmer weather? Or are you remembering those who lost their lives so we can have ours?

Crosses and American flags line streets of many of our communities. Some of these crosses actually have the names of soldiers who have lost their lives. Red poppies everywhere symbolizing blood shed for our freedom. Memorial Day is really about honoring those brave young men and women who lost their lives fighting wars to preserve the freedom so many Americans revere.  General John A. Logan declared Memorial Day a holiday to honor those lives. That was a long time ago. But some of us still see Memorial Day as a day to honor those special individuals.

For Synflex, Memorial Day is special. Our CEO, J.R. Rogers lost friends in the Vietnam war.  Uncle Sam sent them on a mission, but not all of them came back. Their deaths are not in vain. For that reason, Synflex is making a special promise to those soldiers who lost their lives and their remaining family members.

Synflex promises to provide hope. Our promise of hope for arthritis pain relief to those who have survived fallen soldiers is ongoing. Those soldiers would have wanted their family members to live life to the fullest. You can’t do that with arthritis pain. Glucosamine arthritis joint supplements empower you to live your life to the fullest.  Glucosamine rebuilds lost cartilage to help alleviate arthritis pain.

Synflex promises to deliver quality glucosamine in every bottle. We promise to use pharmaceutical grade liquid glucosamine. That’s why so many people have found arthritis pain relief.

 Synflex promises to honor the American spirit. Synflex glucosamine supplements are made in the USA.

Those are our promises in honor of those amazing soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Honor them and live your life to the fullest, arthritis pain free.

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