No More Dog Joint Pain for Shadow

How Dog Joint Supplements Worked for Shadow

We have another great story to share with all of you today.  Our office spoke with Margaret last week, who suffered from dog joint pain. She followed up by sending us a picture of her dog, Shadow. 

Shadow is a German Shepherd cross. I adopted him 8 years ago when he was two and a half. Unfortunately he had been very badly treated by the family who brought him as a puppy. He is a beautiful boy, but can be unpredictable with strangers because of his past.  He has always been very energetic but started to slow down last year, which I accepted as a natural progression due to his age.   More recently he was sometimes unable to come up the steps from the yard into the house so I had to walk him around from the back yard and in the front door. My first thought was that he had injured himself as one of the things he does is dive from the top step into the yard to chase the birds.  He was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication as the assumption was that it was arthritis. This did help, but he was miserable and they really upset his stomach.   I stopped the medication as soon as the Synflex arrived (10th of July) and he was a different dog the next day--so much happier.  Three weeks down the track, he has much more energy, is able to manage the steps from the yard which are fairly steep, and walks up hills much more easily than before.  I know it sounds too good to be true and he would have arthritis at his age, but his mobility has definitely increased since taking Synflex.  Shadow is very happy and so am I.  Thank you.

All of us at Synflex fell in love with Shadow's picture and his story. We are thrilled Shadow is doing so well and that our dog joint supplements are working. May he chase birds to his heart's delight!

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