Santa Has Arthritis: Pain Relief You Wished You Had

Glucosamine for Arthritis Supplements

Playing Santa isn’t so fun with arthritis pain. Bending over to pick up presents from under the tree to give to our grandkids and kids now hurts. We smile, we put on a brave face, maybe even crack a joke about how Santa is ancient and the effects of age.  But in the back of your mind, you wishing you could do something to give you arthritis pain relief so you can enjoy playing Santa and making memories your family will remember. 

The real St. Nick may have aged gracefully with a jolly belly and well trimmed white beard. But you’re different. You don’t hear stories of Santa moving just slightly slower because he feels arthritis pain in his hips or knees. A little magic dust and he’s as good as new.  That’s fine and dandy for make believe. If he were a real person, how would the real  jolly old St. Nick deal with arthritis pain?

He could laugh his jolly laugh and tell you he’ll be a good boy this year and finally go to the doctor to address arthritis pain.

He could research liquid glucosamine for arthritis after his doctor talks to him about the importance of glucosamine for bone health. 

He’ll probably tell you he’ll be a good boy and start taking Synflex glucosamine for arthritis supplements just to avoid arthritis pain next year. He needs to stay limber is he’s going to continue going down all those chimneys. Bending over and getting presents out of his sack of toys should be pain free after all. 

The truth is, you or Santa don’t have to live with arthritis. You can help rebuild cartilage by using Synflex regularly. Browse and order now. Remember, you get 10% off the rest of December (only 6 more days) with promo code SANTA2012. 


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