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Taking Down Christmas Lights

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s! Now that we’re winding down, getting back to life pre-holiday season, it’s time to clean up and get back to our routines. Part of that of course includes taking down those beautiful holiday lights you painstakingly put on the exterior of your home.  First and foremost, while you’re doing that, be safe. The majority of the country is covered in snow and/or ice at the moment. We want everyone to be safe and take precautions to avoid nasty falls. 

This is also the time of year when many of us are in desperate need of arthritis pain relief. Perhaps you’re noticing for the first time how difficult it is becoming to take down those holiday lights. Maybe you’ve had arthritis joint pain before and already taking arthritis joint supplements. Either way, it doesn’t make the task at hand any easier. 

We have some tips for all you brave souls, who are doing your wife’s bidding, taking down the holiday lights. 

  • Get a buddy. Don’t do this alone. If, God forbid, something were to happen, someone should be there to call for help, if not prevent it from happening to begin with. Ask your neighbor, friend, or recruit your son. Your son probably needs a break from the new video game you just got him for Christmas anyway.

  • Watch the weather. Pick the warmest day of the week so you’re not up there when it’s super cold. Remember low barometric pressure does a number on your joints as it is. You don’t want to inflame those joints more than you have to. 

  • Make sure you take your arthritis joint supplements. This is a given. If taken regularly, you can find that much needed arthritis pain relief you need. For instant relief, we suggest trying the Power Plus Roll-On. Just apply to the area your experiencing the most pain and let it work. You’ll feel better instantly.

Taking down holiday lights doesn’t have to be painful or unsafe. Just make sure to take your time and plan ahead so you’ll have some arthritis pain relief.