Yes, We Have Equine Glucosamine Too

Horses Need Arthritis Pain Relief

equine glucosamineIn case you didn’t know, Synflex helps provide arthritis pain relief for more than just us humans and our pets. You can give our Synflex pet formula to horses as well. It works the same way. Equine glucosamine helps rebuild lost cartilage. Trainers and vets know how fast horses wear out their joints. It’s very important to provide preventative care before the problem really does become a problem. The only difference between giving your household pet Synflex and a horse is the dosage amount.

We were thinking about horses because it is the beginning of 2013, which means that equine racing season is a few months away. Many horses are training and getting ready now for competitions.  In case you wanted to know, the Kentucky Derby is scheduled for May 4, 2013. 

Providing these gentle giants arthritis pain relief is a tall order. Their dosage can be high. Figure out what it will be and then sign up for our Auto-Ship program based on how many bottles a month you’ll need. You’ll be able to save with our recurring discount as well as quantity discount. It’s your best bet for savings.

Smart trainers give equine glucosamine supplements as part of a daily regimen. On top of other daily nutritional supplements, glucosamine works  against cartilage loss. In the end, your horse will feel better and be more agile. That’s something every trainer and owner wants.

So, no. Synflex isn’t just for humans, cats, and dogs. We’re good for horses too.

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