Synflex® Power Plus - Pain relief without the side effects

by J.R. Rogers

We all get aches and pains. It is part of day-to-day living. Some of it comes from injuries and others come from an unfortunate thing called “aging.” The trick is to learn how to manage pain so that life is easier.

We can all go to the drugstore and pick up any number of NSAID’s. (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs) The shelves are lined with NSAID’s of all kinds. The problem is that all of these drugs offer up the potential for dangerous side effects. Believe me. It is risky business to take oral medications for pain.

NSAID’s are the lazy person’s way of handling pain. You just pop a pill or two and hope that whatever pain you have is going to disappear. Most of the time these pills are used to handle moderate to acute pain without having to resort to using prescription pain medications.

The usual problems users of NSAID’s risk is ulcers and they promote internal bleeding. This is very risky business and most of the time, the person taking the NSAID is not even aware of the problem until it is time to go to the hospital. Let’s look at a simple alternative.

Syn-flex® Power Plus is a topical pain reliever that you just roll on to the area of your body where you are having pain. It can be either a sore joint or muscle pain. It really doesn’t matter. Power Plus goes to work to ease the pain away with zero risks of side effects. Even better, a 3.3 oz. tube of this product lasts for a month or two. It’s also very inexpensive. Easy and safe solutions come in very small packages.

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