Dog Pain Relief Is A Concern For Many Pet Owners

When your dog was a puppy there was no end to his energy.  As soon as your alarm went off in the morning to when you finally turned off the lights to go to bed he was at full throttle.  Now that he is 8 years old his mood has changed.  All he does is mope around the house, sleeping in the warmest place he can find and is very cautious going up the stairs.

The veterinarian diagnosed your pet with age related arthritis.  He seemed unconcerned and gave you several options for treatment. Don’t be tempted to give him aspirin, your vet warned.  People drugs don’t do behave the same in dogs.  Arthritic dog pain relief is very important for any pet owner.    Giving your dog pain reducing components will keep your pet from injuries and muscle aches.

Arthritis dog pain relief therapy usually involves non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS).  These supplements include glucosamine and chrondritin.  Better described as joint disease; it is the result of an insufficient flexible material in between joints.  Arthritis in cats and dogs is equally as frequent as it is with people.  Joint disease develops secondarily to injury or can be caused by a developmental problem within the joint.

Management of dog joint pain differs according to the seriousness of the ailment.  Aside from conventional prescription drug therapy, contributory (or alternative) options are now readily available.  After medication is administered, most dogs will begin feeling significantly better after a couple of days.  

Finding any joint inflammation supplement is easy.  Finding the right one is an entirely different issue.  You could look at your local pet store but, how pure is the product?  Don’t settle for blends; get 100% glucosamine and chrondritin.  The best place to find the purest and freshest product is online.  Other supplement options include dog food companies that help dog joint pain with supplements in the dog food they produce.  Most of these companies have website with a frequently asked questions page or an 800 number that will connect you with a live person to better answer your questions.

Supplements are just one way to help your dog reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis.  The supplements are generally tried initially for two reasons.  First, they have been found to be effective in most dog pain relief cases. Secondly, this type of therapy is the least invasive and the least expensive.  There are other options such as massage, water therapy and injections; but, most dogs respond well to supplements.

We are able to identify arthritis symptoms within our own bodies and address them appropriately, but our pets don't have any way to tell us precisely what is wrong.  If your dog’s mood, movements or activities have changed it is time for a visit to the vet.  X-rays and a quick physical exam will uncover any abnormalities.  Canine arthritis isn’t curable, but it is manageable.  Start slowly and gently; your dog will thank you for it.

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