Glucosamine vs. Celebrex®

New clinical findings find that Glucosamine Is just as good as the prescription medication

Glucosamine has no side effects

For all the talk about Glucosamine in recent news articles, a new clinical study has demonstrated that high-quality Glucosamine formulas may be just as effective is combating Osteoarthritis as the more expensive prescription drug, Celecoxib. Pfizer markets this drug under the brand names Celebrex, Celebra, Onsenal and others on a regular basis.

Celebrex® is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for pain and tenderness caused by arthritis. The most common side effects include abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and insomnia. It has been known to cause more serious side effects such as stomach and intestinal ulcers; and, high fever. On the other hand, Glucosamine has no side effects.

Glucosamine matched the effectiveness of Celecoxib

In a 2014 study involving 606 patients in four European countries, Glucosamine matched the effectiveness of Celecoxib. That is important for a number of reasons. First of all, the prescription drug is far more expensive. On average, about $2.50 to $3.00 a day for patients treating OA. A very high-quality liquid Glucosamine formula like Syn-flex® on the other hand costs about $.71 cents a day when purchased in quantities of three bottles. And, it lasts for 96 days.

In this clinical study, the 606 patients with severe knee were divided into two groups with one taking the Celcoxib and the others taking Glucosamine. In both groups, after six months they each reported that they had half the pain as they did when the study began. And, both groups reported increased mobility; less stiffness and swelling; and, an increase in function.

Glucosamine is powerful and inexpensive

This certainly suggests that Glucosamine can be a powerful and inexpensive solution for those suffering from OA. And, it becomes an even better choice for those suffering from heart or gastrointestinal problems.

So, why a product like Syn-flex® liquid Glucosamine? As the authors of this study indicated, the only cautionary note about using Glucosamine was the quality of the product you use. There are certainly no guarantees with many over-the-counter Glucosamine products you buy in retail and drugstores. Syn-flex® on the other hand is manufactured and tested extensively to ensure that ingredients claimed are in fact present in the product. Syn-flex® liquid formulas also offer the advantage of offering greater absorption and bioavailability giving you maximum impact on your joints.

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