Natural Arthritis Remedies

As a puppy your dog chewed up your best high heels, the living room furniture, your daughter’s homework and your checkbook.  As he got older he would run through the house knocking things over every time the doorbell rang.   He has been sleeping in your daughter’s bed for most of his life and she refused to go to camp because she couldn’t bring him along.

Your dog is your daughter’s best friend.  As she has matured so has he but, not in the way you thought he would.  He is now having trouble getting into her bed; he has to be helped.  He seems afraid to jump of the bed too.  He lies close to the furnace vent during the day seemingly just needing to be warm. 

A brief visit to the vet revealed a festering case of arthritis.  The vet doesn’t seem too surprised; after all he is almost 8 years old.  He hands you a piece of paper with the word Glucosamine on it.  He explains that although there is no direct cause of arthritis there are ways to reverse the damage.  Joint causing inflammation is painful for your dog.  Glucosamine is just one of the dog arthritis remedies offered by supplements.  It has proven to be the most successful and the most widely used of all the natural arthritis remedies.

Treatment solutions are not designed to entirely cure the ailment since most cases of joint disease are incurable. The supplement isn't just a terrific therapy, but is additionally recommended as being a prevention technique in more mature dogs.  Glucosamine is actually a naturally-occurring amino glucose compound that is produced in human beings along with other mammals as well as dogs.  It is an amino sugar necessary for producing cartilage.  Other supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids and some vitamins have shown promise in fighting the pain and inflammation of the disease.

Glucosamine has only a few uncomfortable side effects.  It is most often a dietary supplement specifically for arthritic ailments used to slow the disease's advancement.   The Glucosamine supplement can be purchased in either tablet or liquid form.  The most important point to remember about the supplement is to get it in the purest form possible.  Don’t be fooled into buying a glucosamine blend, these often do more harm than good.  Make sure you get the very best quality of Glucosamine either off the internet or in better pet stores.  Read up on arthritis remedies for dogs; find out what vets and pet owners are recommending.  Ignore the slick advertising campaigns in dog magazines.  You only want the best for your dog.

Just because your dog has arthritis doesn’t mean he has to withdraw from life.  Start the best supplements money can buy and see the improvements it can make in your dog.

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