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Animal Rescue Organization Being Forced To Move Out
Pet Rescue by Judy, a Seminole County animal rescue group that's very active across Central Florida is being told it has to move. (Compiled by Pursues the Pet-Friendly Lifestyle in Florida offers pet-friendly hotels, motels, dog parks, dog beaches, an animal specific directory which lists businesses, humane societies and rescues, a state-wide animal calendar of events, message board, chat room and a free, monthly eZine called the NewsPetter. (Compiled by

Pets On Pins And Needles
Acupuncture on animals has been shown to lessen the effects of arthritis, calm allergic reactions, even treat kidney disease. (Compiled by

Oodles of poodles need homes
Manatee County Humane Society recently took custody of 28 toy and miniature poodles. (Compiled by

Keep your family, pets safe from this year-round threat
Most rabies alerts are posted during summer months, but it is important to remember that rabies is present year-round. (Compiled by

Contagious canines
University of Florida researcher who usually plods away in anonymity has become the center of attention about a dog flu - a relatively new ailment that can be fatal if untreated and can spread faster than a greyhound speeding around the track. (Compiled by

Education for vet techs on the agenda at SFCC
Santa Fe Community College will offer a vet tech program starting in January. (Compiled by

Keeping K-9s Cool
A Melbourne, Florida, veteran-owned and run company has taken the lead in providing a space-age solution to the very serious problem being experienced by the warfighter's best friend -- the Military War Dog. (Compiled by

Woman Makes Life-Saving Difference For Many Animals
Abandoned, injured and abused animals often find themselves on the streets or in an animal shelter waiting to be put to sleep, but now there is hope. One extraordinary woman in Central Florida spends her time trying to save the unwanted animals from almost certain death. (Compiled by

Physical therapy for pets
Veterinarian Dr. Anne Chauvet, already unusual for her focus on neurological disorders in animals, is getting into the expanding field of pet therapy. (Compiled by

Wilton Manors blood bank is a lifeline for pets
What may be the country's only nonprofit animal blood bank depends on volunteer donor pets for its supply. (Compiled by

Animals serve and protect
He may be man's best friend, but Ulan, a 5-year-old German shepherd, can also be a criminal's worst nightmare. (Compiled by

Humane Society of Broward plans appeal in lawsuit over name
Unwilling to let a lawsuit drop because of concerns that donors will send their money to the wrong charity, the Humane Society of Broward County will continue its battle to make a smaller nonprofit group change its name. (Compiled by

Counties move toward pet shelters
Pet-friendly shelters are the latest wave in Florida hurricane preparation. (Compiled by

Baby ducks don't make great gifts
Easter always brings a rash of cute little ducklings being bought as gifts for children. (Compiled by

Goats now considered pets in Pembroke Pines
Pembroke Pines city commissioners legalized goats as pets Wednesday after a battle involving Buster and Baabs, two goats that were almost forced to move. (Compiled by

Dogs could be recruited to sniff out citrus canker
The newest hero on the canker battlefront could be a detector dog. (Compiled by

Rescued huskies are healthy and happy
If you didn't know any better you'd think this husky is jumping for joy. It's probably why the folks with the Humane Society of Pinellas County call him Hoppie. (Compiled by

Bill would help protect police animals
Police dog duty is increasingly dangerous, their human partners say, and more needs to be done to protect the canines. (Compiled by

Activists want slots measure to aid dogs, horses
Though no promises have been made, greyhound and thoroughbred advocates would like to see a percentage of revenue generated from the slot machines go toward adoption and retirement facilities throughout the state. (Compiled by

Pet therapy dog a hit at Alzheimer's center
When Kelly saunters into the room, she stirs up a lifetime of memories. Which is exactly what the 51-pound, sweet-faced visitor is supposed to do. Kelly, a labrador and golden retriever mix, is a pet therapy dog and the love of the Alzheimer's Adult Day Center. Compiled by

Fire Department Gets Oxygen Masks For Pets
Orlando firefighters are now armed with equipment that will save a pet's life, and it came free courtesy of the Central Florida Veterinary Medical Association. Compiled by

Cunning greyhounds quickly adjust to adoption
Greyhound Pets of America Central Florida chapter finds homes for former racing dogs at Melbourne Greyhound Track. Last year, the group moved 511 animals to owners across the country. Compiled by

For the love of floppy ears
All the Basset hounds at the starting line regarded the finish line 50 yards away with their sad, dewy eyes. Compiled by

Third Greyhound Dies
A third greyhound from the Daytona Beach Kennel Club has died. Compiled by

Thriving Iguanas Pose Problems For Botanic Gardens
Nuisance Wildlife Specialist Says To Think Twice Before Buying Iguanas. Compiled by

Second greyhound dies; dogs tested for influenza
A quarantine remains in effect at the Daytona Beach Kennel Club where a second greyhound has died and a third dog's fate is questionable. Compiled by

Fetching fashion for canines
The wildly successful world of canine couture is nothing if not outrageous. How else to explain the global popularity of doggy dresses, vests, bikinis, kimonos, hoodies, booties, rain slickers, tennis outfits and tuxedos? Compiled by

Lake City Medical Center introduces pet therapy
Planning for pet therapy at Lake City Medical Center actually began about three months ago as a way to further expand its range of patient care. Compiled by

Raccoon becomes first rabies case of 2005 for Broward County
The infected raccoon was the 30th case of a wild animal found infected with the disease in the county since July 2000. Compiled by

Sago Palms Pose Danger To Pets
Most people are not aware that the seeds from the center of the sago palm can be deadly to animals and even small children. Compiled by

Potbellied pigs on Jupiter council agenda
A change in the town's ordinance would allow Vietnamese potbellied pigs as pets.

A romp outside can be dangerous for small dogs belonging to snow birds
Cooler temperatures in Florida feel like warm summers to snowbirds who flock from the North fleeing frezing weather. And every year, snowbirds lose their dogs.

Islander irked by iguanas
Many Floridians who keep iguanas as pets often find the lizards aren't the friendly partners they bargained for. They can grow to 5 or 6 feet in length and can become aggressive when defending their territory.

Pet Partners seminar trains volunteers to share pets
The idea is to train volunteers and their dogs on the mannerisms and discipline needed to visit hospital patients and others who can't own a dog or pet of their own.

Most dogs in Brevard answer to Max, Buddy
The next time you see a dog running loose in your neighborhood, try calling out "Max" or "Buddy." Those are your best chances of getting the dog's attention.

Teen and Labrador inseparable during guide dog training
Anywhere Helen Rudnick goes, you're bound to see Palmer right by her side, whether she's at her after-school job, shopping with friends or grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Pot-Bellied Pigs Now Considered Pets In Florida Town
They may not replace Fido or Fluffy, but pot-bellied pigs can now officially be family pets in Jupiter.

Danger dogs furry pals
The ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center just released a list of household items that could spell additional veterinarian bills should they be ingested by house pets.

Pooches jump all over dock competition
Jumping 21.08 feet into the murky water, .98 inches shorter than his qualifying jump, one dog won the first Southwest Florida's DockDogs Club competition, held in a pond off Burnt Store Road in Cape Coral.

Manatees get safer waterways
Federal and state water managers have worked for more than a decade to make water gates and navigation locks safer for manatees, and signed an agreement last week for the final round of their $13.8 million manatee protection effort.

Florida court questions canine competence
The Florida Supreme Court questioned a drug-sniffing dog's track record in a hearing to determine how competent a canine must be to justify a police search.

Owner defends dog in clash
Maritza Garcia, who has debilitating back pain, says Thunder the Siberian Husky is a gentle service dog. Her neighbors feel differently.

County Launches Dangerous Dog Listing Site
Dangerous dogs and where they live will now be posted on Seminole County's website at It's the first county in Central Florida to make the move. This comes after several recent dog attacks.

Dogs help wildlife officials track poachers
Florida's program has steadily added dogs and handlers to become the largest in the country.

Rescuers face shelter crisis after notice to vacate ranch
The South Florida SPCA rescue ranch is losing its home and needs a new place to house abused and neglected animals.

South Florida dog has his day in court
A judge rules a family can keep its canine after a custody battle with a pet rescuer.

Putnam County Humane Society changes name
Effective January 1, the Putnam County Humane Society has a new name, the Humane Society of Northeast Florida.

Baby turtles Sold In Central Florida May Pose Health Risk
Families Urged To Wash Hands After Handling Turtles.

11 exotic shar-pei puppies stolen from Orlando home
If you know anything about the crime or happen to see the puppies being resold, you are urged to call Crimeline at (800) 423-TIPS.

No pets rule hard to enforce
Park owners are aware that an increasing number of doctors and home owners are realizing the value of pets in reducing depression, boredom and feelings of isolation.

Pooch vs. pythons
A beagle is being trained to track giant pythons flourishing in the Glades

Ticks target pets, homes after storms
Since the passing of three hurricanes this summer, ticks are a growing problem for veterinarians and mean added business for exterminators.

Retiree laments loss of canine companion
Butterfly, a Moth Papillon, was his constant companion for 14 years until she died on her birthday, August 19.

Say Goodbye to the Backyard Dog
With so many dogs being introduced into new homes these days, let's clear up some common misconceptions. Perhaps the most widely held misconception is the belief that dogs will be healthy and happy living in the backyard. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Persistence and Urine-Off(TM)Can Help Alleviate New Pet Challenges
Now that the excitement of the holidays has passed, those who received a puppy or kitten for Christmas might find that their new pet requires more patience, and clean-up, than they anticipated.

Girl and her assistance dog are a match made in heaven
CCI dogs are bred specifically for their intelligence and calm but friendly temperament. They are raised for the first 13 to 18 months by volunteers who train and socialize them. After that, the dogs face advanced training and extensive screening to ensure they're up to the job.

Police dog gets new life
Pepper, a 9-year-old black Labrador who works as a drug dog with McIntosh County police, suffered a serious spinal chord injury Dec. 10 when the vehicle of the officer he was patrolling with struck a guard rail on Interstate 95 during a chase.

Water Therapy Just What The Doctor Ordered for Some Pooches
The canine hydrotherapy program at All Creatures Animal Clinic in Lakeland is a therapeutic regime designed to help dogs recover from surgery or injury, improve their flexibility and dexterity, condition their bodies and improve their overall health.

Search on for lost and injured lab
Goldie ran away from her caretakers Monday in the area around Cypress Avenue and West Shore Boulevard in Tampa near the Austin Center.

Couple plays Santa to pets big, small
A Palm Bay couple have been playing Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus to all creatures great and small, including a five-year gig with Brevard Zoo's Holiday Nights, where they were adored by human small fry.

Owners doggedly protest pet ban
After years of welcoming dogs on their outdoor patios, restaurants downtown and in Thornton Park will now serve only human customers. They blame state restaurant inspectors, who only recently began enforcing sanitary rules that bar animals from dining areas.

Holiday plants not as harmful as perceived
If you've decorated your house with holly, mistletoe, and/or poinsettias, you may be concerned they could end up in the mouths of your small children or pets.

Stray cat lost a leg during hurricane, but found a good home
Tipsy the cat, whose hind leg was mangled beyond repair by falling debris during Hurricane Charley, was one of the lucky animal refugees from Polk County's three destructive 2004 storms.

Pets as holiday gifts not good idea
There is nothing cuter than that puppy or kitten under the tree, but there are so many reasons why the holidays are the wrong time to add a pet to your home.

Restrain dogs riding in pickup bed
How many times have people seen a dog riding precariously in the back of an open pickup?

Tale Of Two Goats Causes Neighborhood Stink
There's a fight brewing in Pembroke Pines that really has one man's goat.

Shopping -- for Pets' Sake
Christmas is not just for children -- it's for pets, too.

Love me, love my lizard
They are not soft and fuzzy. And if you're looking to cuddle up with something, you're looking in the wrong place. But that didn't deter the dozens of reptile and exotic pet lovers who came to Studio 54 Banquet Hall in Lake Worth Saturday for Florida's Reptile and Alternative Pet Show and Sale.

Florida man bites dog as punishment
A Florida man has been charged with animal cruelty for biting his Jack Russell terrier as punishment, and police say he used a bull mastiff in an attempt to keep back officers who arrived to arrest him.

Lee pet shelter success depends on volunteers
Lee County is one step away from creating its first pet-friendly hurricane shelter, yet that step is the crucial holdup that also barred earlier attempts.

South Florida Family Says Kennel Lost Their Dog
A South Florida family is distraught after they say a kennel they trusted lost their dog, and the Local 10 Problem Solvers learned this isn't the first time a dog has slipped out of Miracle Acres in Davie.

Officers, Dogs Show Their Skills
About 50 K-9 dogs from Florida and southern Georgia, took part in the annual North American Police Work Dog Association workshop which provides training in patrol work, detecting explosives and narcotics, searching buildings, catching suspects, helicopter deployment and behavior modification.

Bark, Wiggle and Splash
Hundreds of dogs and their people took over Quiet Waters Park for a Bark, Wiggle and Splash Weekend sponsored by Pet Aid League and Broward County.

Pooches Dazzle on Dance Floor
Man's best friend is cutting the rug, rather than chewing on it, during this weekend's World Canine Freestyle dance competition in Lakeland.

Veterinarian Keeps Tails Wagging Without Pain
Dr. Bill Latter, the veterinarian who owns All Creatures Animal Clinic on West Pipkin Road in South Lakeland, is one of the few vets in Florida who uses chiropractic treatment on pets.

Canine kisses fly at adoption event
Big, wet, sloppy kisses were exchanged with lovesick puppies at event to find home for retired greyhounds at Tree Tops Park in Davie.

New pets make great gifts
The Wakulla County Animal Shelter is trying to get more local residents to take home gifts of another kind: dogs and cats.

Disabled pet provides ray of sunshine
No, not a Florida story, but just too sweet to pass up! Sunshine can neither see the sidewalk in front of her nor hear her owner's commands. The year-old American Eskimo-mix is deaf and blind.

Goat, wallaroo found wandering
A wallaroo and his sidekick male goat found wandering near Midway and Glades Cut Off roads on Saturday remained at the Port St. Lucie Animal Control facility Tuesday because no one has claimed them yet.

Snakes In Grass Send Pets To Vets
Florida Veterinary Specialists in Tampa, a 24-hour clinic specializing in emergency care, treated twice as many pets for rattlesnake and cottonmouth bites this year than in 2001.

Florida's Eckerd one of few colleges to allow pets in dorms
The school's adoption of a pet-friendly policy more than 20 years ago likely made the 1,652-student liberal arts college first in the nation to welcome pets.

A case of puppy love stirs condo dogfight
A Hollywood man says his emotional-support dog is a service animal and should be allowed in the pool area of his condominium. The condo board doesn't agree.

Safe Harbor's annual Dog Wash draws thousands
So many people with their pooches flocked to the 19th Annual Celebrity Dog Wash and Band Aid Festival last weekend, the event had to be moved from Carlin Park to Roger Dean Stadium in Abacoa.

To serve and protect
Tracking termites? Herding birds? Career dogs take their work seriously

Garden is a peaceful place for owners to grieve over their pets
The pet memorial isn't a cemetery. It's a 2-acre, lushly landscaped garden designed for pet owners to reflect on their departed pets in a natural surrounding.

Everyone not purring over plan for shelter
People supporting the idea of an animal rescue and education facility for Edgewater say their plans are workable and can be put in place as soon as the building is built. But, only if voters approve it.

Pet rescue groups join forces
Two of South Florida's most venerable pet rescue groups have merged, bringing under the same umbrella a state-of-the-art North Miami shelter and a Goulds kennel.

Halloween may be unsafe time for black cats
Owners of black cats are advised to put their pets under house arrest this Halloween while young ghouls and ghosts wander the streets in search of treats.

Golden Retriever Rescue
Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned or stray golden retrievers.

Vet helps pooches keep teeth healthy
A Weston veterinarian comes to the rescue of dogs, and other furry critters, who are suffering from sore teeth.

Pet etiquette while showing the house
Some families take their pets to camp, to a friend's house or to their office while their house is shown. Some keep the animals at home, safely locked up in an enclosed area.

Third Case Of Rabies Reported In Broward
The Florida Department of Health says a raccoon that attacked a dog earlier this week tested positive for rabies.

Pet lizard sets off fire
A pet lizard is being blamed for causing a fire in the Panhandle that severely damaged a house, killed the reptile and put a cat in an animal hospital.

Religious and animal rights groups join to fight Amendment 4
Expecting to be outspent by 10 to 1, anti-gambling forces led by No Casinos, Inc., have joined with religious organizations, including the Florida Baptist Convention, and animal protection organizations led by GREY2K USA and the Humane Society of the United States, to form Vote No on 4.

Dog lovers show their teeth on Amendment 4
With 24 days until Election Day, animal rights activists tried to galvanize some South Floridians on Sunday to defeat a ballot measure that could lead to slot machines at dog and horse tracks and jai-alai frontons in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

City to consider plans for `bark park'
Dog lovers in Miami Springs have drawn up plans for an elaborate dog park in the city and will present their case to the City Council.

Pet store owner arrested on multiple counts
The owner of a Venice pet store has turned herself in to face criminal charges that she falsely claimed to have health certificates for puppies she sold in her stores.

Osceola pets wait to go home
Dogs in a row, the last handful of canine companions left sheltered at the Osceola County Animal Control kennel after three hurricanes pounded Central Florida, still sit waiting for their owners to take them home.

Airlift sends 70 abandoned dogs to new homes
The passengers all were rescued by area shelters after this year's series of hurricanes.

Man and his pooch have high bond of friendship
Cara is a Beauceron, a breed of dog that is especially well-suited for search and rescue work because of their agility, intuitiveness and general good health.

Owners seek beloved border collie
Bonny the border collie acted more like a cat than a dog, stalking lizards, snapper and birds from the dock at the Hurricane Hole Marina.

Churchgoers take pets for yearly blessing
Violet the Fish got a tiny bit more water in her bowl Saturday -- holy water sprinkled by Father Eamon Tobin at Ascension Catholic Church.

Fetching Fabrics
The gods of technology have taken Fido and Fifi out of the dog house with Performance Fabrics that repel stains and water, shun germs and resist fading.

Hurricane Jeanne Proves to Be No Homewrecker
The HSUS's National Disaster Animal Response Teams have been in the region since Hurricane Jeanne hit early Sunday morning, September 26.

Shelters crowded after storms
The fear and uncertainty brought on by three major hurricanes caused many pet owners to surrender their animals to no-kill shelters.

Atlanta shelters take in animals left behind during Florida's hurricanes
Over 130 abandoned pets in Florida were flown into Atlanta Sunday because Florida's animal shelters are overflowing with hundreds of dogs and cats left behind in the wake of Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Charley.

Stress builds with new threat: ways to cope
Pets also suffer storm anxiety from hurricane-related events like repeated evacuations and power outages.

Pup shoots man, saves litter mates
A man who tried to shoot seven puppies was shot himself when one of the dogs put its paw on the revolver's trigger.

Rescue shelter workers urge owners to retrieve lost pets
Polk County emergency officials said this week that starting Sept. 13, they're going to start adopting out the pets to any other resident who meets the adoption requirements.

Displaced pets find homes
More than 320 dogs were picked up by Animals Services while roaming the streets or were surrendered by their owners as Hurricane Charley approached. Of those dogs, only 60 were reclaimed by their people.

Hurricane Frances: What you need to know
After 18 days, piles of tree limbs and metal and wood pieces torn away by Hurricane Charley still are piled alongside many Southwest Florida roads.

Don't Panic Or Be Complacent
The projection for Hurricane Frances has the storm curving as it approaches the northeastern Bahamas, and heading on a more northwesterly direction later this week.

A judge and his dog
As a volunteer puppy trainer, the law maker is helping to train Lear Jet to become a professional service dog for a future handicapped owner.

Veterinary school grad gives away his gifts to help animals
The young man recently donated $4,000 to Tri-County Humane Society, a no kill animal shelter in Boca Raton.

Pet Head Hunter Hired By Florida Condos
There is a new trend in South Florida, due to the overwhelming amount of dog-lovers investing in condominiums that instead of saying "no pets," condos have established an interview process for dogs before welcoming them into the building.

Wildlife weathers storms better than pets
Area biologists and wildlife advocates said the environment took quite a blow when Hurricane Charley ripped through here 12 days ago, but they said they are also optimistic about recovery.

Florida cities don't make top 10 list of best for pets
The Purina Pet Institute looked at more than 30 health factors for pets, including the availability of preventative care, emergency veterinarians and environmental conditions (such as the percentage of smokers or the presence of fleas), to determine the healthiest cities for pets.

Pets shift from one shelter to another
Will someone adopt them? Pinellas organizations hope so, after taking in animals from a shelter Hurricane Charley left without power.

Displaced pet dogs can become frightened, dangerous
When left in the wild, dogs travel miles from home and team with other dogs to form packs. After Hurricane Andrew, otherwise harmless house pets grew belligerent in groups with other wandering canines.

Keeping tabs on pets
After a natural disaster, cats and dogs often become separated from their owners, but ID microchips can help speed a reunion.

Iguanas invade Palm Beach County
The burgeoning South Florida iguana population has exploded north to Palm Beach County in recent years, particularly along the El Rio and C-15 canals in Boca Raton and Delray Beach.

Homeless-animal growth strains resources
Across the United States, an estimated 5 million animals will enter such rooms in 2004, up sharply from last year. Pet populations are soaring and there are now 73 million cats and 68 million dogs in the United States. Unfortunately, business is booming in the nation's euthanasia rooms.

Dog Days a howling success at ball park
Roger Dean Stadium welcomes four-pawed fans one Saturday night a month during the Florida State League spring and summer season.

Wild about animals
Many owners try to pass off their unwanted exotic pets to a wildlife hospital or zoo.

Reiki for pets
Reiki is not officially recognized as a healing tool by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), but practitioners say it's on the cusp of being accepted as interest in holistic veterinary care surges.

Owner can earn back his 14 pit bulls
Lakeland man has until Aug. 13 to vaccinate the dogs and get $420 worth of county licenses under a last-minute deal negotiated by senior Assistant County Attorney.

Some call it sport; it's not sporting, it's animal abuse
A pit bull trained for fighting can never be adopted out, no matter how friendly it seems. He or she must be euthanized.

Learning to love and let go
SEGDI, Inc. helps provide guide dogs for the blind and the primary breeds used include Labrador retriever, golden retriever, Australian shepherd, collie, Hungarian vizsla and German shepherd.

Advocacy group tackles problems of pet overpopulation, transportation
The United Humanitarians is a volunteer-run, nonprofit animal advocacy group.

Pet doctor makes housecalls
Hospitals coming to animals -- human beings never had it this good.

Monk Parakeets, Lofty Nesters
Small and green, with a sharp bite and shrill voice, the Monk Parakeet is like many South Florida residents: a transplant with a penchant for building homes.

Fostering a love of pets
Pet lovers who prefer not to take on responsibilities for the "long haul" can now take part in the Foster Family program through the Collier County Domestic Animal Services (DAS}.

A last lap for Dog Beach
Until the no-dogs police come around, however, the labs, poodles, boxers and mutts that hail from all over South Florida have the run of the beach.

DAS cable show showcases animals needing homes
Southwest Florida residents can now get a close-up look at dozens animals up for adoption.

Pet sterilization vouchers offered to needy guardians
Stop Pet Overpopulation Together program, is accepting applications from low to moderate income owners for vouchers good for discounted pet spaying and neutering.

Emergency preparedness plan should include household pets
If people are in danger from a hurricane, so are animals.

Dogs trained to find lobsters
After just completing a rigorous 400-hour training program patterned after the U.S. Customs Service canine drug-detection program, the dogs have been trained to sniff out hidden spiny lobsters.

Woman Orders Dogs To Attack Sheriff's Deputy
A Brevard County deputy shot and killed one of the dogs as several lunged toward him.

Bomb-sniffing dogs at Lauderdale airport flunk re-certification test
Three of the four explosive-sniffing dogs failed the most recent on-the-job tests they must pass to retain their Transportation Security Administration certification.

Humane Society hopes for temporary home
The Florida Humane Society used to rent the Deerfield Beach shelter, but it has been sold and demolished.

Ex-British marine finds career as animal groomer
Owner of Dog-E-Deaux (and Cats Too) said he just got "fed up with people" and decided to start working with animals.

Rescued retrievers romp at reunion
23 of them lived sad lives until animal services confiscated them and a nonprofit group found them homes.

Venice Florida Beach Vacation Rental Home Finds Matches Online
Milo also finds that his policy towards accepting pets helps tremendously. "Almost all of my guests have a cat or a dog," he said. "By being pet friendly, I've really increased the amount of travellers who will stay in my home," he said.

Assisted living patients paired with pooch
Leaving behind a home filled with memories and a life of independence can be tough. Leaving cherished pets to be cared for by others is even tougher.

Patriotic Pets helps soldiers in need of temporary pet care
Soldiers often must leave behind family, friends and the safety of their homes when called to serve their country, but what happens to their pets?

Acupuncture for the 4-legged patient?
Veterinarian offers alternative therapies for ailing pooches, including chiropractics, homeopathy, herbal supplements and nutritional counseling.

Summer can be hard on pets
Suggestions for helping your pet keep its cool in the Florida heat.

Dogs sniff out lobster poachers
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trains the canines to specifically sniff out what may be the most poached wildlife resource in Florida

Third greyhound dies at Florida track
A third greyhound has died at a Florida racetrack, stricken with an unknown respiratory illness that has plagued local tracks for the past three weeks

County outlaws dogs on Dog Beach
The Palm Beach County Commission have voted unanimously to ban dogs from the 600-foot-long stretch between Briny and Gulfstream Park

When the Children Ask, Where have All the Animals Gone? What will We Say?
50 percent of all plant species might disappear in the next 30-50 years

Bone appetite!
New healthy pet food line serves up tasty fare for Fido, Fluffy AND their human friends

Trainers provide boot camp for Guide Dog recruits
For more information about how to become a puppy raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. call (800) 944-3647 or go to

This nose knows mold
There are plenty of drug dogs, bomb dogs, arson dogs, even cadaver dogs, but fewer than 60 dogs in the country are specially trained to sniff out mold

Man, 3 dogs call van their home
He has no job, no home, no kin left who want to help. But he hasn't given up on his dogs

Tarpon reconsiders Craig Park dog ban
Municipal rules bar dogs from all of the city's 15 public parks, but some commissioners are warming to the idea of allowing dogs in one park

Puppy Napper Nabs Pooches At Two South Florida Stores
Two pups stolen while employees not looking

Tarpon Pet Owners Peeved Over Rule
City may revise prohibition against animals in the city parks after 120 residents sign petition

Neighborhood On Edge After Bears Trapped In Tree
Florida wildlife officials say bear sightings in Central Florida may become more common as development pushes them around

Gator snags dog despite neighbors'concerns
Officials had been notified, but had been unable to capture the gator

Dogs blow alligator's cover
Pair of doxies alert residents to danger

Why a Resume for Fido is a Good Idea
Creating resumes for your companion animals can help ease entry into hotels, apartments and more.

What You Can Do if You Suspect Animal Cruelty
You've seen something that's bothered you. Now what can you do to help that animal in need?

Hurricane Safety for the Animals
Tips for keeping you and your pets safe during Florida's storm seasons.