Doing Good with Liquid Glucosamine

Each and every one of us can make a positive impact. Whether we do it with a smile or grandiose gestures, we have the power to change lives. Even if we just change one life, it’s a life that needed someone to step in and make better.

One of the reasons we’re in business to begin with is to make a positive impact. JR founded Synflex to help people who need arthritis pain relief like he did. He didn’t want to just hide he symptoms with pain relievers. The positive impact Synflex makes is evident with the stories we hear and read of how Synflex has helped us and our pets with arthritis pain relief.

But now we’re going to make it easier to make a positive impact. Our charity program works with nonprofits to help them raise funds for their organization. For every sale, they get $6.50 per bottle.  Here’s how the program works.

  1. Sign up
  2. Install the banner on your website
  3. Tell your employees, family, friends, and supporters to order Synflex from the banner on your website
  4. Wait for a monthly check


It’s really that easy. People want to support local nonprofits. Ordering liquid glucosamine from your website knowing you get a portion of those sales is an easy way people can help you. Arthritis supplements for dogs and humans are eligible.

To learn more on how you can partner with Synflex to make a positive impact, email .