Our New Year's Resolutions for Our Customers

Our Commitment to Arthritis Joint Pain Relief

We’ve been thinking a lot about 2013 here at Synflex. Our main goal is to help others find arthritis join pain relief. Our own CEO suffered from it for many years and now because of Synflex, he’s feeling better and can enjoy life on his terms. We are even more dedicated to providing quality arthritis joint supplements because we sincerely believe that Synflex is the best on the market.  


We’ve always provided excellent customer service. In 2013, we’re going to renew our vow to excellent service and remain dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our 90 day money back guarantee is real. If someone isn’t happy with Synflex arthritis joint supplements within the first 90 days, they really will get their money back. That doesn’t happen often, but we honor our promise if it does. 

Our live chat option and phone lines are available to answer any questions. Instead of being transferred to a call center overseas, you’ll get a real person from our Florida location. These are the same folks that fulfill orders and are very knowledgeable with all things Synflex.  If you stay on our site, John or one of our staff will ask you if you need assistance via a chat window. It’s our way of making sure you get what you need quickly.


We realize the value of social media. As active users ourselves in our personal time, we are making an effort to use social media to connect our current and new customers. You may have already noticed an increase of activity on our Facebook page. We want to provide you with information so you can make educated choices about arthritis joint relief.  We know we have the best glucosamine product out there. We’re just going to make sure you have all the facts and know that too.


We like to share the wealth. That’s why we partner with other small businesses to sell Synflex arthritis joint supplements. We are going to increase those efforts, building relationships, and providing marketing material to spread Synflex’s reach. 

All this is done with one goal in mind for 2013. We want to help as many people as possible who suffer from arthritis pain. 

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