Pain And Aging – Do They Really Go Hand-In-Hand?

I think we all tend to believe that as we age, pain is inevitable. The fact of the matter is, pain is not a result of aging. If a senior citizen suffer from pain it is a result of a medical condition. And, one of the most common is arthritis. (OA). Or, any number of medical problems you might encounter.

That’s right. Pain does not just happen to you as you age. So, all factors considered if you avoid illness and disease you will be pain free. The odds are that this will never happen.

It is an unfortunate that we have to deal with pain but it is part of the process of life. The larger question is how we accept it and deal with it.

I have personally known military veterans with injuries that live their lives in pain as a consequence of combat injuries. They learn to live with pain at a much earlier age than most.

Given my own experiences in providing pain products, I have been exposed to more individuals than others who suffer with pain. And, they run the gambit from mild and annoying to severe and debilitating. Literally, being unable to function like most of us.

As you grow older, just be aware that another birthday does not guarantee that you will begin to experience pain. On the other hand, with every adverse medical event you suffer it is a near certainty that in some manner, you will have to learn to live with pain.

So it is not a matter of whether or not you will have to live with some type of pain, the larger question is how you learn to cope with it.