Vitamin D- A New Tool in the Fight Against Pain

Over the past ten years, researchers have concluded that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to untreatable pain. Since there appears to be a relationship, that would mean that Vitamin D can be used to fight pain. Or, can it?

In a 2009 article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine researchers found that persons of all ages, race and ethnic groups were dramatically low in their Vitamin D levels. And, these deficiencies manifest themselves as symptoms including weakness, fatigue and general “achiness.”

In a 2003 study a physician reported that 93% of those complaining of chronic pain were all severely deficient in Vitamin D. In a 2009 article published by the Mayo Clinic researchers found that those patients taking narcotic pain medications required twice the amount of medication than those who had sufficient levels of Vitamin D. To me, that is a very powerful finding.

I think that the conclusion is that there is some correlation between Vitamin D and pain management. However, some other studies were inconclusive on this very subject.

One researcher said that although their findings were not solidly in favor of dosing with Vitamin D for chronic pain, it “did not hurt to add Vitamin D to your regimen.”

I believe the concern is that those studies that advocated the use of Vitamin D were more subjective than a purely “double-blind placebo study.” In short, it appears that there is some relationship between pain and this vitamin.

Simply put, it may be worthwhile to bolster your Vitamin D levels if you suffer from chronic pain. Certainly, it cannot hurt to give it a try.