You Want “Proof” That Glucosamine Works?

This Is Solid Evidence You Can Rely On

There is a company in Florida advertising their product and claiming that “Glucosamine does not work.” It really annoys me that any company would go to such lengths to sell their product. The clinical evidences supporting the use of Glucosamine is thirty years old and now we have an amazing study that again speaks very loudly about what Glucosamine can do for you.

New evidence reveals that Glucosamine can stop inflammation caused by infection

That is a very important finding and one that adds to the long list of clinical reports that support using Glucosamine for joint and connective tissue health. This gets a little complicated because of the medical terminology but let’s break this down.

“When your body has a bacterial infection (LPS increases) and this causes inflammation, LPS causes damage to your lungs and body circulation.” This is a very serious problem. What this clinical study found was that “Glucosamine had the potential to repair that damage and reduce inflammation in response to your LPS increase.”

Inflammation is what you are fighting when arthritis pain begins. And, it is essential that you lose that inflammation as quickly as you can. We learned as far back as 1999 that Syn-flex® will end your arthritis pain very quickly. So this study is once again a confirmation that using Syn-flex® is the right choice for you if you have arthritis joint pain from OA.

In fact, Glucosamine has been associated with several health benefits including an accelerated healing in injuries that involve inflammation.

These new findings are 100% consistent with what we have known for many years. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate can handle OA in humans and family pets. Why buy products that have no Glucosamine on the “promise” that they are the new way to take care of your joint pain? Stay with what is proven and works.