Managing Arthritis Pain In Horses

You and your horse have been together since you were ten years old.  Both of you attended hunter jumper competitions every other weekend and during the summer; it was horse and rider training camp.  Now it is time for you to move on to college but, what happens to your horse?  He still has a few good years left in him but, you can’t take him to school, there would be no time for him. 

You and your family decide it is best to sell him.  There is a little girl who is just starting out riding and he would be perfect for her.  Before you bid him good-bye the vet makes one last visit.  He is in good health but he is starting to show signs of arthritis.  Not unusual at his age but, he cautions you that you need to let the new owners know to give him horse joint supplements.  Supplements will keep his joints healthy and his body pain free.

Some of the reasons a horse can get arthritis are improper shoeing by the blacksmith, too much weight, no real time to rest between training, trauma or recurring injury of the joint, excessive training and aging.  The best pain relief for arthritis in horses isn’t just one supplement.  Depending on what your veterinarian recommends; there are varieties that have proven effective in equine for several years.  Glucosamine is very helpful; if taken early and consistently it can reduce the effects of age related arthritis.  Another group of supplements that has shown to be valuable is fatty acids.  These include Omega 3, 6, and 9. 

Other horse joint supplements include hyaluronic acid and manganese which are used to add the proper amount of fluid around the joints.   Having the appropriate amount of fluid in your horse’s joints the less likely he or she will experience the discomfort that is caused by the joint/bone friction.

Supplements as the least invasive of all treatments for arthritis

Supplements are the least invasive of all treatments for equine arthritis.  Prevention is preferred over every treatment.  Get a good blacksmith that can make sure the shoes on your horse are fitted properly.  Make sure the animal gets an equal amount of rest and exercise.  Too much of either can make joints weak and cause pain.  Warm up!  Regardless of what you are doing this is so important.  Even if you are just going for a gentle canter or you are in a grueling steeple chase make sure your horse’s muscles and joints are warm.  The horses own weight is a concern but, are you the right size for the horse.  Excessive weight on his back can cause additional stress on the joints.

You hate to say ‘Good-bye’ to your companion but, you are moving on with your life and so should he.   Give the new owner a healthy horse and make sure she keeps him that way with the best pain relief for arthritis, high quality horse joint supplements.

Supplements as the least invasive of all treatments for arthritis

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