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As you age, your joints, actually the cushion in between the bones, will begin to naturally deteriorate. Finding the right kind of product to replace the materials being lost over time can help you to stay active and to enjoy life even more!

While prescription medications exist to help manage symptoms of the aging process, supplements may also help to achieve better health. Taking the right supplements helps the body to repair itself as well as provide the vitamins and minerals your body may be lacking. 

There’s a variety of different supplements for people of every age, but bear in mind regardless of your age, you should always consult with your doctor prior to taking any vitamin or holistic regimen.  This will help to ensure that any of your vitamins or supplements do not interfere with your current medication.  

Best Glucosamine for Arthritis Bottles

What to Look For in a Joint Care Product

The first thing you should look for when searching for a supplement is its effectiveness in treating your symptoms.  For example, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM have been in the news in recent years as ingredients that are effective in treating osteoarthritis.

To find the best glucosamine product on the market, you’ll need to know what to look for, exactly.  With the recent scare of products made in other countries, it’s important to purchase quality glucosamine, made in the USA.  

Another thing you’ll want to consider is if the glucosamine supplement has unwanted fillers.  Also look for potential allergens- many vitamins contain gluten, an adversary to those with celiac disease!

The best glucosamine product will also combine other high quality ingredients, which are beneficial to your health.  Some of the key ingredients to look for are chondroitin (shark cartilage), various essential vitamins, omegas, as well as other nutritionals that have been proven to be effective in combatting osteoarthritis.

You’ll also want to consider what form of glucosamine your prefer.  Many glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are in pill form- gigantic pills at that!  Some have difficulty in swallowing such pills and prefer liquid glucosamine, which is easier to swallow.  

How to Use the Product You Buy

To get the most benefit from your quality glucosamine, you’ll need to follow dosage instructions as provided by the manufacturer.  Synflex Glucosamine dosage is simple- Ѕ ounce for the first 10 days, decreased to ј ounce daily thereafter.  If you’ve purchased our Synflex liquid glucosamine for pets, our handy dosage calculator will help to ensure you administer the correct dose based on your pet’s weight.

Take Caution When Using Supplements

Although Synflex is the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement available, manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, individuals with an allergy or sensitivity to shellfish should be cautious in monitoring any adverse reaction and should discontinue use at the first sign of any potential reaction.  In addition, you should always consult your physician prior to beginning any type of vitamin, herbal or mineral supplement to make sure there are no contraindications with your current medication.  

Getting relief from osteoarthritis is, indeed possible.  If you’re looking to rid yourself of current osteoarthritis medications such as COX-3 inhibitors, Synflex liquid glucosamine for osteoarthritis may just be the answer you’ve been searching for!

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