Glucosamine For Horses

Supplements for Horses
Investing in good equine joint supplements for your horses is a wise decision for every horse owner who cares about his stallions. Indeed, with the sharply declining quality of organic grass and oatmeal, your horses develop arthritis, bone spavin and inflammations early in life, rendering them immobile if neglected. Though there are several joint supplements available to give your horses, glucosamine is the most effective and the fastest working additional nutrient source for your ponies with irritated and sore joints.

Why Must You Consider Glucosamine for Horses?
As horses age, the cartilage that shrouds the joints become stiff and thus, hampers their mobility and leads to swelling, soreness and pain in the joint regions. The bones in a horse contain synovial liquid that helps maintain lubrication, and prevents friction between the bone and joints. This synovial liquid also degrades as the horses become old. These conditions prompt several equine mobility problems leading to arthritis, osteoporosis and joint dislocations. 

Using glucosamine for horses helps in increasing the amount of collagen in and around the cartilage and imparting the necessary strength required to support the bone. Also, they replenish synovial fluid in the bones and allow easy and fast joint movements in your horses.  

What are the Benefits of Glucosamine for Horses?
Glucosamine occurs naturally in the horses during their prime and ensures that the joints, cartilages and muscle tissues are insulated, lubricated and work efficiently. As horses age, the supply of natural glucosamine depletes and thus, needs to be provided externally as supplements. The primary functions of glucosamine supplements in a horse are to bolster cartilage tissues and make them act as shock absorbers between the joints, to enhance mobility by providing additional flexibility to the muscles that surround the joints and secreting glycoaminoglycans, a compound that enables the bone tissue to remain sturdy and mobile. 

Absence of the glucosamine, either due to aging or improper nutrition, can cause myriad joint mobility problems for your horse.

Regularly supplying your horses with small dosages of glucosamine can help in eliminating all their joint and mobility problems.

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