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Liquid Glucosamine for Osteoarthritis Latest News and Updates

Managing Arthritis Pain In Horses
Equine joint health is important as your horse becomes older. You can treat arthritis pain effectively with the proper supplements.

Last of Winter Feline Arthritis
Does your cat act funny when it gets cold or there is a winter storm? It's probably because they're in pain and not on a feline arthritis treatment.

Homeopathic For Arthritis
Finding an effective homeopathic treatment for arthritis can be a challenge. Learn what to look for when it comes to natural pain relief.

Glucosamine For Arthritis In Dogs
Learn the best ways to help your dog grow older, while staying mobile with the proper arthritis treatment for dogs.

Best Glucosamine for Feline Arthritis
Your cat is one of the best friends you have. Why let her suffer with osteoarthritis when you have the best feline arthritis treatment right at your fingertips?

Feline Arthritis
A feline arthritis treatment can help your cat's joint health tremendously.

Glucosamine for Early Arthritis Warning Signs
Do you know if you have arthritis? Here are early warning signs.

Sleep and Arthritis
Sleep and Arthritis

Wrist Arthritis – The Options
When arthritis in the wrists have reached the level of “bone on bone” then more serious options have to be considered. At this juncture, there is little one can do except have surgery. If surgery is being considered, there are three possibilities.

Ankles And Feet - A Big Arthritis Issue
It is hard to believe but true. Nearly 25% of the bones in your body are found in your ankles and feet. So, you can likely see the big problem potential here. If you have a problem even with one small bone, it can affect all of the other bones in that are

Which Synflex® Product Is Best For Dogs?
Synflex® offers two liquid Glucosamine products that are used specifically for dogs. (And, other animals) It is important to know which one is the right one for your dog for health reasons.

Soda and High Blood Pressure
I know many people who are devoted to drinking soda. It is almost as if they can’t live without it. If you are a soda drinker, you may change your habits after reading this.

Can You Define Arthritis For Me?
That is a good question. Most people are familiar with Osteoarthritis (OA) and with good reason. That is the most common type of “arthritis” that we deal with. That is far from the only kind of arthritis that can affect your life.

My Doctor Said I Have Arthritis And I Have To Lose Weight. I Don’t Know How To Begin Since I Have Always Been Overweight.
If you suffer from Osteoarthritis (OA) and you are overweight you know how important it is to lose weight. The load that excessive weight puts on your joints is extreme and it only causes your arthritis to worsen.

Which SynFlex® Product Is Best For Dogs?
Synflex® offers two liquid Glucosamine products that are used specifically for dogs. (And, other animals) It is important to know which one is the right one for your dog for health reasons.

You Want “Proof” That Glucosamine Works?
There is a company in Florida advertising their product and claiming that “Glucosamine does not work.” It really annoys me that any company would go to such lengths to sell their product. The clinical evidences supporting the use of Glucosamine is thi

Osteoarthritis and Stress: Help your body to lose pain
At some point in life you are going to have to deal with arthritis. OA is an almost inevitable consequence in life. And, it can be a devastating situation. Life does not have to be this way.

Pain And Aging - Do They Really Go Hand-In-Hand?
I think we all tend to believe that as we age, pain is inevitable. The fact of the matter is, pain is not a result of aging. If a senior citizen suffer from pain it is a result of a medical condition. And, one of the most common is arthritis. (OA). Or, a

Rimadyl® Is Not The Only Problem
Pet owners who have had Rimdayl® prescribed for their arthritic dog has heard the stories. Rimadyl® can cause internal bleeding, liver failure, bloody diarrhea, and more. And, there is no denying that these severe side effects may occur in your pet. Bu

Why Synflex® Liquid Glucosamine Is A Superior Product
Pills and capsules use fillers and binders. And, many of these products use very low-quality Glucosamine in their blends.

How much can I exercise with Arthritis?
What you need, is a reasonable amount of exercise spread out evenly throughout the week. That way, you will get exercise that works to improve your arthritis.

The unusual role of Vitamin C and Arthritis
It is well acknowledged that Vitamin C assists your body in the formation and maintenance of collagen and other connective tissue. It also acts as an antioxidant which in turn assists with joint health. What is strange is that researchers had conflicting

Do products that have only Glucosamine work well?
Certainly, there is no shortage of joint products on the market that only have Glucosamine in them. And, many sell for less money than combination formulas that have Chondroitin Sulfate in them. Let’s talk about the addition of CS to the formula.

Back Pain Tips
Yes indeed. If you have any form of Osteoarthritis in your back, you have to be very careful in all of your activities. Just a few simple tips can give your back a break and help you on your way in dealing with it.

When You Are Expecting Pain, It Comes
This is a difficult thing to comprehend but “if you think you are going to have pain, you are indeed going to have pain.” So, there is part of your brain that takes your thoughts and turns them into actual pain signals. In fact, it can become a very d

Glucosamine vs. Celebrex®
For all the talk about Glucosamine in recent news articles, a new clinical study has demonstrated that high-quality Glucosamine formulas may be just as effective is combating Osteoarthritis as the more expensive prescription drug, Celecoxib. Pfizer market

Vitamin D- A New Tool in the Fight Against Pain
Since there appears to be a relationship, that would mean that Vitamin D can be used to fight pain. Or, can it?

Secondary Arthritis
In 1996, he began researching the use of Glucosamine which had been studied for over twenty years. He found encouraging information but store products were disappointing to say the leads. In 2000, a friend of his sent him a jug of liquid Glucosmaine

Freshest Arthritis Joint Supplements
Are the glucosamine supplements you're taking really fresh?

Natural Joint Pain Relief From Osteoarthritis
You don't have to suffer from osteoarthritis- there's natural joint pain relief that's easy to take and inexpensive too!

Natural Arthritis Pain Remedy
Pain from arthritis affects millions of older adults. Discover the remedy for natural arthritis pain relief!

Glucosamine For Cats
You don't have to watch your favorite furry friend suffer from arthritis pain. See what methods other use, like glucosamine for cats, to help treat arthritis pain.

Osteoarthritis Pain Relief Naturally
Osteoarthritis pain relief can be difficult to achieve. Proper nutritional supplements can certainly help!

Glucosamine Benefits Are Numerous
The benefits of glucosamine are numerous and, fortunately, the supplement has very few, rare side effects.

What is Homeopathy
What is homeopathy and how can it benefit you?

Glucosamine For A Daily Nutritional Supplement
Taking a high-quality, liquid glucosamine daily may help improve osteoarthritis.

Equine Glucosamine For Joint Health
Taking care of your horse's joint health is essential for longevity.

Glucosamine For Athletes Healthy Joints
Athletes, regardless of their level of expertise, must pay particular attention to their joint health. Many teams recommend the use of glucosamine to prevent injuries. See if it's right for you and your team!

Glucosamine And MSM
Glucosamine with msn is a great way to ease joint pain. Normally combined in one nutritional supplement, those with osteoarthritis have found the combination quite beneficial for their needs.

Arthritis Joint Pain Relief
Millions of baby boomers are experiencing the effects of their body becoming older. If you suffer from arthritis and are seeking joint pain relief, here's some information that will help you make an informed decision on your health.

Glucosamine For Pets: Improving Joint Health
Glucosamine for pets has long been regarded as an effective means for aiding in joint health for dogs and cats alike.

Help Your Dog Live A More Pain-Free Life
The best glucosamine chondroitin can help you and your pets live a healthy, nearly pain-free life!

Best Glucosamine Supplement
Not all glucosamine is created equal. Find out what makes the best glucosamine supplement for your osteaoarthritis.

Is Harsh Medication Needed For Effective Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis?
If you suffer from arthritis, you may wonder how you can get pain relief for osteoarthritis and if harsh medication is necessary.

Dog Pain Relief Is A Concern For Many Pet Owners
if you're a pet owner who has watched your dog suffer, you can find effective pain relief to help him live comfortably.

Does Glucosamine Work For Dogs?
Many times people wonder does glucosamine work for dogs? Pet owners who use glucosamine chondroitin will resoundingly say YES! Find out the info you need to make an informed decision about your dog's joint health.

Arthritis Supplements For Dogs
Joint health is crucial for maintaining mobility in your pet as he gets older. Particularly, arthritis supplements for dogs can be effective in treating debilitating arthritis as your dog ages.

Liquid Joint Care
Liquid joint care in the form of glucosamine can be an effective part of your daily nutritional supplements.

Buying Effective Glucosamine
When you buy effective glucosamine, you can help improve your osteoarthritis pain.

Joint Care For Horses
Making sure your horse is properly taken care of means caring for his joints as well. Help your horse with joint supplements for horses such as glucosamine.

Tim Burke Update Summer 2014

Synflex® Power Plus - Pain relief without the side effects

Let’s talk about what works in a Glucosamine Formula

Glucosamine Therapies: Why is the U.S. so far behind Europe?

Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement for Spring
Is your arthritis pain worse when it rains or when the temperature changes? Synflex arthritis joint supplements can counter act that pain.

Cat (Feline) Arthritis Symptoms
As cats get older, joint cartilage naturally starts deteriorating and joints become less flexible. While arthritis symptoms may be very noticeable among dogs, cats are more adept at masking their symptoms.

Diabetic Foot Pain – A fast and effective solution
If you suffer from diabetes, you have almost certainly experienced the neuropathies that occur with this disease. Some develop symptoms such as numbness, tingling and pain. And, the risk of developing these symptoms increases with age.

An Olympics Success Story and Liquid Glucosamine
When you are looking for a quality, high-impact Glucosamine for joint care you want the very best. The Syn-flex® liquid Glucosamine formulas definitely fit the bill. U.S. Olympian Tim Burke, a top-ranked biathlete brings some comments to the table when

Choosing the Best Glucosamine for Arthritis Supplement
If you are have arthritis related pain, then you have heard of Glucosamine. Health care professionals recommend Glucosamine supplements as a course of action for Arthritis.

What is the human Glucosamine Dose Amount for My Pet?
Human glucosamine dose for dogs. Chances are, your pet will require a different glucosamine dosage than you, as a human, would take. View our dosage chart to make sure you’re giving the right amount.

The Best Glucosamine Supplement for Tennis Players
Athletes with sports injuries find themselves need arthritis joint supplements to get back in the game and continue competing.

Tendon Supplements
Tendons are one of the most important parts of joint supports and taking care of them is vitally important. Finding the right tendon supplements can help you maintain your connective tissue in a healthy way.

Best Vitamin For Joint Health
Studies have illustrated that arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis play havoc with the body’s levels of vitamin B6. Vitamin C not only prevents scurvy, bleeding gums and stroke it also; inhibits the development of arthritis. Scientists are still

Why Does Synflex Contain Less Chondroitin?
Glucosamine and chondroitin are both found in joint cartilage. Both work to decelerate the destruction of cartilage, improve mobility, and improve osteoarthritis symptoms. Because of its simple molecular structure, Glucosamine is more easily absorbed into

Joint supplements for runners
Runners are involved in a very high impact sport which can cause major damage. Using joint supplements for runners can help strengthen the bodies ability to absorb the impact by providing support for cartilage and connective tissue.

Ways to Stick to New Year’s Resolution with Arthritis Joint Supplements
If you're having trouble sticking to your New Year's Resolution of arthritis hip pain relief, we have tips for you!

Give Me 4 Reasons for Arthritis Joint Supplements for Memorial Day Memorial Day
Do you need reasons to try Synflex? Here are four just in time for Memorial Day.

Fight Flare-ups with Arthritis Foods
Many arthritis suffers don’t realize how much the food they eat impacts their condition. Don’t let the word “diet” scare you away. This doesn’t have to be hard – Just keep these foods on your grocery list and incorporate them into your favorit

Best Vitamins for Arthritis
Arthritis is a debilitating condition affecting the elderly and young. While some choose to take medications for arthritis, many choose to find the best vitamins for arthritis.

Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement for Grandparents
Grandparents' Day is just around the corner! A little bit of the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement goes a long way so everyone can enjoy the day.

Summer Update from Tim Burke
Tim Burke has had a busy summer. Here's what he's been up to.

NSAIDs vs Arthritis Joint Supplements
Don't be so quick to reach for the pain reliever or that prescription your doctor gave you. Side effects and long term damage are not worth temporary side effects of NSAIDs.

Dog Joint Supplements for National Dog Day
National Dog Day Reminds us to make sure our dogs are not suffering from dog joint pain.

Best Glucosamine for Cats: Synflex for Pets
Pets can take Synflex glucosamine too. The best glucosamine for cats is Synflex for Pets.

Glucosamine for Senior Citizen’s Day
Are you prepared to celebrate Senior Citizen's Day? Here is a way to help your favorite senior citizen live a happier, healthier life.

Best Glucosamine for Hereditary OA
Do your parents have arthritis? Did your grandparents have it? You maybe next!

Arthritis Fighting Orange Creamsicle
Fight arthritis with a glucosamine infused orange creamsicle.

Glucosamine for International Left Hander’s Day!
Left handers unite! It's International Left Hander's Day. Learn why lefties think Synflex is the best glucosamine supplement.

Best Glucosamine Battle of the Doses
It's between Doctor's Best Glucosamine and Synflex--which has the better dosage and which works better?

Arthritis Joint Supplements for the School Year
Can you keep up with the kids or is arthritis pain keeping you from them?

Doctor Trusted Best Glucosamine Supplement
Doctor trusted, results--Synflex is the best glucosamine supplement.

Being Proactive Pet Parents: Help with Liquid Glucosamine for Pets
Pet parents can give their pets freedom from joint pain. It's all about being proactive.

No More Dog Joint Pain for Shadow
Shadow's mom saved him from negative side effects of prescription anti-inflammatory meds for his dog joint pain. See what happened once he started taking dog joint supplements.

Best Glucosamine Video Contest
Synflex is holding a video contest. You could win a free bottle of Synflex.

Glucosamine Works for Dog—Elle’s Story
Elle got on Facebook and shared her dog's story.

Best Glucosamine at Work at BB&T Atlanta Open
Synflex sponsored tennis champ, Michael Russell, beats Mardy Fish at the BB&T Atlanta open.

National Tequila Day—and Synflex Glucosamine
Taking glucosamine never tasted so good!

Power Plus for Tennis
How can tennis players alleviate arthritis pain now?

Hitting the Pavement with the Best Glucosamine
Tennis is a great sport. But what do you do when you get injured? What's the best way to recover? Taking the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement and strength training can help.

The Best Glucosamine for Michael Russell
Michael Russell's story--beating the odds, fighting injury, and making a comeback. How? Hard work, intense training,and the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement daily.

Best Glucosamine Supplement for Dancing
Want to dance at your kid's wedding? You can and do so arthritis pain free.

Glucosamine Works for Dogs
We love it when our customers send us their stories. Here is Callie's story. She suffered from dog joint pain. Luckily, her pet parents found Synflex glucosamine for dogs.

Freedom with the Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement
Are you taking advantage of all your freedoms? Living with arthritis isn't living with freedom.

Red, White, Blue, and Glucosamine
Whether it's July 4th, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, or Labor Day, one thing is for sure. Synflex will always be proud to say we're made in the USA.

Arthritis Joint Supplements: Combating Arthritis Costs
Are you paying too much for your arthritis treatments?

Dog Joint Pain Ice Cream Treats
On a hot summer day, you can easily make a cool summer treat with liquid glucosamine for dogs that will taste great.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Week
This week is RA week. Do you know the difference between RA and OA?

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Dad all June
Father's Day may have been June 16th, but that doesn't mean you should stop showing dad you care. June is Dad's month at Synflex.

Tim Burke in Bend, OR and Training
Another Tim Burke update! He's busy training for the upcoming winter olympics.

Tim Burke Update: Training in Bend
Tim Burke is training and getting ready for the Olympics.

Glucosamine for Young Football Studs
Want to help your football stud possibly avoid injury and prevent joint pain? Find out how!

Donating Blood While on Arthritis Joint Supplements
June 14th is World Blood Donor Day! Do you know if you can donate blood if you have arthritis?

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Dad
Our dads have taken care of us. Take care of him this Father's day with the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement.

Arthritis Joint Supplements for National Running Day
What are you doing for National Running Day?

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs During Summer Storms
Summer storms can trigger arthritis in humans, but dogs also. Be proactive about your dog's arthritis pain.

Mario’s Dog Joint Pain Relief
Want real proof that Synflex dog joint supplements works? Shierly emailed us with Mario's story.

Arthritis Pain Relief at the Office
Working with arthritis pain is hard. You don't have to fear the pain when you take arthritis joint supplements.

Living with Arthritis Pain: Relief with Glucosamine
Living with arthritis isn't as easy as television commercials make it seem.

Memorial Day Glucosamine Promise
Our fallen soldiers are not forgotten. Honor those who sacrificed their lives for ours.

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Summer
Are you ready for summer? Get your arthritis under control with Synflex arthritis joint supplements.

My Puppy Has Hip Dysplasia?
Do you know what to do if your puppy has hip dysplasia?

Goodbye Glucosamine?
It's not the end of using glucosamine, but some companies have experimented without it.

Internet Glucosamine Ads
Some glucosamine ads are misleading.

Glucosamine Differences: Synflex, Instaflex, Beneflex
Contradictions exposed; quality revealed. You decide which is better: Synflex, Instaflex, or Beneflex.

Glucosamine and Super Fit Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie
Need a refreshing summer drink that is low cal and refreshing? Try this smoothie with glucosamine and strawberries.

Chicken Waldorf Kind of Arthritis Pain Relief
Our Chicken Waldorf Salad is ideal to continue your quest for arthritis pain relief.

Graduation Arthritis Pain Relief
Find arthritis pain relief during this year's graduation festivities with the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement.

Arthritis Pain Relief with Salmon and Asparagus
Looking for a dinner idea? Try our arthritis friendly Salmon and Asparagus dinner.

Giving Mom Arthritis Pain Relief
Give your mom the gift of Synflex and let her enjoy an arthritis pain free Mother's Day.

Orange Banana Smoothie for Arthritis Pain Relief
Enjoy Synflex in this smoothie, an easy way take the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement.

Synflex Glucosamine Promise for Arthritis Awareness Month
We are renewing our promise to provide glucosamine supplements that work and superior service in honor Arthritis Month.

Dancing at the Grandkid’s Wedding with Arthritis Joint Supplements
Spring is a time of new beginnings. The flowers are blooming. The promise of new life is everywhere as the temperatures rise and the sun shines. It’s beginning of wedding season too.

Liquid Glucosamine for Rescued Pets
Animal cruelty and neglect really bothers us. Almost all of our staff have pets; many are rescues. It’s our rescues that need extra love to make up for the lack of and hurt they felt before we found them. Because so many rescue dogs are mixed breeds, i

Arthritis Pain Relief for You and Your Pet
First Linda tried Synflex for Pets to alleviate Tyson's dog joint pain. Then her husband tried it. Synflex provides arthritis pain relief for everyone in the family.

Ways to Save: Arthritis Joint Supplements
Looking to save on Synflex? Here are several options.

Bye Bye Dog Joint Pain
How can you get your dog to take Synflex glucosamine supplements?

Gluten Free Glucosamine
You can find arthritis pain relief that is gluten free with Synflex glucosamine supplements.

Meet Mox: K9 Officer Using Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs
Synflex is proud to sponsor Mox, a K9 officer proudly serving his community.

Celebrex Alternative: Glucosamine from Synflex
NSAIDs like Celebrex can give you arthritis pain relief, but at what cost?

Arthritis Pain Relief for Summer Vacations
Suffering with arthritis pain while on vacation shouldn't even be a concern. Arthritis pain relief is achievable with daily doses of liquid glucosamine.

Partnering with Doctors for Arthritis Pain Relief
Synflex is looking to partner with doctors to write guest blog posts and articles about arthritis pain relief.

Exercises for Arthritis Hip Pain Relief
Suffer with arthritis hip pain? Find relief with these exercises and liquid glucosamine.

Best Glucosamine Wholesale Opportunity for Current Customers
Current Synflex customers can make a few extra bucks. Here's how.

Fighting Juvenile Arthritis with Liquid Glucosamine
Liquid glucosamine helps provide arthritis pain relief for JA sufferers too.

Words from Synflex for Athletes Biathlete
Synflex for athletes, Tim Burke, had a great season. Get the 4-1-1.

Spring Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Exercises
Want to stay active this Spring? Here are some arthritis joint pain relief exercises.

Finding Arthritis Pain Relief with the Best Glucosamine Product
Are you ready for Spring? Get ready with the best glucosamine product to fight arthritis pain from changes in barometric pressure.

Easter Arthritis Pain Relief
Are you really going to suffer with arthritis pain this Easter? Synflex has arthritis pain relief you need and want.

Spring Training with Joint Supplements for Runners
Do you participate in races? Joint supplements for runners helps you keep running.

Arthritis Joint Pain Relief for St. Patrick’s Day
Will arthritis keep you from enjoying St. Patrick's Day?

Best Glucosamine Chondroitin for Dogs During Winter Storms
Tired of Winter 2013? So is your dog. Giving the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement for dogs will help your pet deal with the last of winter.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Arthritis Pain Relief
Honor the women in your life and make sure they have the arthritis pain relief they need to continue their efforts.

Arthritis Pain Remedy Diet
What's the best arthritis pain remedy? Healthy diet combined with the best glucosamine supplement on the market.

Ralphie’s Liquid Glucosamine for Pets Story
Synflex loves our pets. It’s one reason we offer liquid glucosamine for pets. We know how awful and pain arthritis can be. Our pets feel that same pain only they can’t verbalize their discomfort. It’s our job to pay attention.

10 Reasons Synflex is the Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement
Need 10 reasons to try glucosamine for arthritis? Now you have them.

Last of Winter 2013 with Glucosamine for Arthritis
How are you dealing with arthritis pain during the last of Winter 2013?

Rudy’s Glucosamine for Arthritis
Rudy experienced the effects of pills vs liquid glucosamine for arthritis first hand.

Glucosamine for Arthritis Lessons Learned from George Washington
What can President George Washington teach us about glucosamine for arthritis?

Off Season Training with Liquid Glucosamine
Taking arthritis joint supplements while training during off season helps with overall performance.

Honoring Presidents with Arthritis Pain
Do you know which of our Presidents suffered with arthritis pain?

Arthritis Pain Remedy for 40 Days
What are you giving up for Lent? How about finding an arthritis pain remedy and giving up arthritis pain remedy.

Liquid Glucosamine Athlete, Tim Burke, Wins First Medal of 2013
: Tim Burke won the silver medal at the 2013 World Championship.

Honoring President Lincoln with Arthritis Pain Relief
Honor President Lincoln on his birthday with Synflex arthritis joint supplements.

Masks of Mardi Gras: Arthritis Pain Relief not Requiring a Mask
You can have your Mardi Gras fun with arthritis pain relief.

Love and Arthritis Joint Supplements
The best glucosamine chondroitin supplement makes Valentine’s Day a pain free love affair.

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Chinese New Year 2013
The year of the Chinese black water snake means a year of protection. We can protect our joints with arthritis joint supplements.

Skiing Into Arthritis Pain Relief
Tim Burke decided to fight arthritis hip pain with Synflex. Now he’s pain free and competes on the US Olympic Biathlon team.

Doing Good with Liquid Glucosamine

Football and Arthritis Joint Supplements
Football players need arthritis pain relief too.

Groundhog Day and Arthritis Pain Relief
The groundhog did not see his shadow. So what does that mean for those of you seeking arthritis pain relief?

Beth R’s Arthritis Pain Relief Success Story
Read how taking Synflex arthritis joint supplements has helped Beth with her ankle arthritis pain relief.

No Middle Man: Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement Wholesale Program
It’s more cost effective to order the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement wholesale directly from Synflex than going through distributors.

Biathlon Schedule for Tim Burke Using Liquid Glucosamine
Support our biathlete, Tim Burke, and keep up with his schedule.

Liquid Glucosamine Biathlon Update
Tim Burke, Olympic biathlon athlete taking Synflex liquid glucosamine for athletes, give us an update.

Liquid Glucosamine for Athletes Update: World Championships
Tim Burke is gearing up for the World Championship. Here is his latest update.

Free Shipping on Dog Joint Supplements and Liquid Glucosamine
Don’t pay for shipping when you don’t have to! Synflex helps you stay on budget with free shipping in the US.

Arthritis Joint Pain Plays a New Role in Osteoarthritis
JR Rogers, CEO of Synflex talks about new study on arthritis joint pain and implications for Osteoarthritis.

Best Glucosamine Made in the USA
Synflex, the best glucosamine product on the market, is made in the USA.

Dreaming of Arthritis Pain Relief
A message of freedom from arthritis pain on this historic January 21, 2013.

Saving on Arthritis Pain Relief
There is no need to spend a fortune on arthritis pain relief. Here was to save on liquid glucosamine supplements at Synflex.

Yes, We Have Equine Glucosamine Too
Synflex does provide equine glucosamine for trainers. Read more to help you provide your horse with arthritis pain relief.

Finding Value in an Arthritis Pain Remedy
You decide. Given the following info on OTC supplements claiming to be a arthritis pain remedy, which is better?

Like a Puppy: Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs
Our loyal customer, Vera, shared her success story with us. She used our liquid glucosamine for dogs formula and loves it. Read more.

Arthritis Joint Pain Relief While Sitting in Traffic
Tips for arthritis joint pain relief while in traffic.

Natural Pain Relief from Osteoarthritis
Natural pain relief for osteoarthritis is indeed possible with high-quality nutritional supplements.

A True Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs Story
It’s true, liquid glucosamine for dogs works. Here is what one of our customers had to say about Synflex for Pets and her dog, Callie.

Arthritis Pain Relief after Hip Replacement
Arthritis pain relief becomes a priority after having a hip replacement. Learn what you can do to feel better.

Up on the Rooftop with Arthritis Pain Relief
It’s that time of year when you need to take down those Christmas lights. That would be great except you’re in dire need of arthritis pain relief.

Our New Year's Resolutions for Our Customers
You have New Year’s Resolutions, and so do we. Read our promise to you for 2013.

No More Forgetting to Order Glucosamine for Arthritis Supplements
Arthritis sufferers listen up. If you’ve run out of your glucosamine for arthritis supplement because you forgot to order, signup for the Auto-Ship program for a continuous supply.

Getting by with Arthritis Pain Relief
Even doing the simplest things can be a challenge if you don’t have arthritis pain relief. Here are some tips to make life a little easier.

Santa Has Arthritis: Pain Relief You Wished You Had
If you played Santa this year but did so with arthritis pain, take note. There is a solution.

Synflex Contest Pays Tribute to Loyal Customers
Synflex loves feedback about our liquid glucosamine products. We're holding a contest to say thank you to those of you who have been loyal customers. Enter today!

12/19 Update from Tim Burke
Olympic Biathlete and Synflex for Athletes user, Tim Burke sent us an update. Learn what he's up to.

Winter Running Tips: Joint Supplements for Runners and More!
If you’re a runner, pay attention to these running tips.

Too Doggone Cold Outside: Arthritis Supplements for Dogs
It’s too cold outside for dogs too. Arthritis supplements for dogs can help. Here are some tips.

Holiday Travel with Arthritis Pain
Here tips for traveling this holiday season if you suffer with arthritis pain.

Arthritis Joint Relief as We Age
Experiencing arthritis pain for the first time? Learn how to get arthritis pain relief that won’t damage your liver or stomach.

Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs
Keep your dogs joints health with liquid glucosamine for dogs!

Joint Supplements For Humans
Joint supplements for your health can vastly improve a humans quality of life keywords- joint supplements for humans

Natural Arthritis Remedies
Using natural arthritis remedies like glucosamine can help you become pain-free.

Remedies For Osteoarthritis
There are few remedies for osteoarthritis, but the one that is the most effective is glucosamine.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulphate
Glucosamine chondroitin sulphate can be an important supplement to add to your daily regime.

Horse Joint Supplements
You can keep your horse's joint health in check by using horse joint supplements.

Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement
By choosing the best glucosamine chondroitin supplement on the market, you can improve your joint health!

Liquid Glucosamine For Pets
Liquid glucosamine for pets can help your pet live a pain-free life!

Best glucosamine product
While there are many glucosamine supplements on the market, not all of them are quality. Learn about how to find the best glucosamine product!

Glucosamine For Horses
description: Using glucosamine for horses for joint health can help your horses mobility. keywords- glucosamine for horses, equine health

Pain Supplements for Athletes
As an athlete, you’re perfectly aware of the trauma that can be bestowed on your joints after a workout. Synflex® is an All-In-One Supplement for Arthritis Pain Relief.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Osteoarthritis
The joints develop Osteoarthritis (OA) for various reasons, but in all cases the joints have stopped producing the critical elements that are necessary to maintain them.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin after Surgery
Many orthopedic physicians are advising their patients to take a blend of glucosamine and chondroitin after surgery, such as knee or hip replacement.

Osteoarthritis Hip Exercises
Lack of exercise may increase your osteoarthritis symptoms as muscles deteriorate and joints stiffen. While some exercises, such as running, may actually make your symptoms worse, there are plenty of low-impact exercises that will help decrease your sympt

Osteoarthritis Knee Exercises
No matter what shape you are in or how advanced your osteoarthritis, there are osteoarthritis knee exercises for you. These exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles around your knee to reduce joint impact and stress.

Is There Sugar in Synflex®?
Glucosamine is technically a type of sugar, but it is not the same as your regular table sugar. Nor is it the same as the sugar found naturally in fruit.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
Severe forms of hip dysplasia in dogs lead to painful and sometimes crippling arthritis. There is no “cure” for hip dysplasia, but steps can be taken to alleviate the symptoms and help your dog live a pain free, active life

Glucosamine Side Effects
There are no clinical studies that clearly demonstrate that there are any known side effects of Glucosamine. The same is true of Chondroitin Sulfate which is often found in Glucosamine formulas.

Working with Pain from Arthritis
If you are one of the millions of people who are forced to work each day with the menacing pain of arthritis, just know that there are ways to make each work day go by a little less painfully.

Topical Glucosamine: Immediate Relief
The use of liquid Glucosamine supplements has been shown to effectively manage Osteoarthritis symptoms, but sometimes you have an ache that comes on suddenly. Is there a fast acting agent that can be used for instant relief?

Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Risk Factors
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease where the cartilage that cushions the joints deteriorates.

Osteoarthritis and Sports: Young Athletes
Athletes are prone to Osteoarthritis. The participation in vigorous sports, such as basketball, track and field, and baseball can result in various stressors and injuries to the joints.

NSAIDs and Arthritis: Risks Outweigh Benefits
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are among the most commonly prescribed medications for ailments, such as arthritis. Shockingly, however, they have been shown to be related to cardiovascular risks.

Maintaining Joint Health
As we age, our bodies tend to change. Things that once seemed so easy can become a struggle. If you are like the other 49.9 million Americans in the US that has been diagnosed with arthritis, you may be experiencing the adverse symptoms of the disease.

Living with Arthritis
If you have arthritis, then you know first-hand how difficult it can be to go about living a normal lifestyle. The aches and pains can constantly hold you back from things that you once loved doing.

Knee Osteoarthritis: How You are Killing Your Knees
Osteoarthritis of the knee is the leading form of Osteoarthritis, with more than 10 million Americans experiencing the pain of the debilitating disease.

Is Glucosamine an Anti Inflammatory?
Glucosamine is an amino sugar produced naturally by our bodies. It plays a key role in the production, maintenance, and repair of cartilage. Glucosamine stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, two essential building blocks of c

Highest Quality Glucosamine
If you are looking into trying a Glucosamine supplement for you or your pet, chances are you want the facts. Let’s start from the beginning, what is Glucosamine? Glucosamine is an amino sugar produced from the shells of chitin (shellfish) and is a key c

Glucosamine, Arthritis and Quality of Life
Adults in the U.S. are living longer and the number of people in older age groups is increasing. One might believe this is a cause for celebration. Unfortunately, the number of adults living with chronic conditions like arthritis is expected to increase a

Glucosamine Reviews
If you, or someone you know, are considering taking a Glucosamine supplement, but are feeling a little skeptical, you’re not alone.

Glucosamine: Healthy Living is for Everyone
As you get older you start to realize that your body may not be what it once was. More aches and pains come about, and you may not be as active like you were in your younger days. But, this is something that everyone will have to experience, some sooner t

Glucosamine Explained: Pain Management Tool
If you, someone you know, or even your family pet has Osteoarthritis, then you know that finding a safe and effective pain management plan may leave you confused or concerned.

Effective Forms of Arthritis Exercises
Exercise is an effective way to keep arthritis pain at bay. It is crucial to the prevention of arthritis to keep moving. A lack of exercise will only elevate the symptoms

Does Glucosamine Work for Pets?
If you have a beloved pet that is simply slowing down with age, then you may consider finding a way to put your pet at ease. This process may not be easy at times, but there are many medicines available for pain relief for your pet.

Can Vitamin D Help Arthritis?
Vitamin D plays a vital role in our wellbeing. A Vitamin D deficiency is believed to be linked to a variety of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Arthritis can stem from an inadequate amount of the vitamin, and may even worsen from the

Best Liquid Glucosamine
If you, or someone close to you, suffers from arthritis then you know firsthand how hard it can be to go about your daily life without running into the usual aches and pains.

Arthritis Sufferers: Far Infrared Light Therapy May Help
When you are suffering from Arthritis pain, you are often willing to take any additional steps to alleviate the symptoms. Arthritis can often be managed through exercise, diet, supplements, and medication.

The Body May Not Be Producing Enough Glucosamine
Father Time loves you so much that he squeezes and compress his arms around your body giving you a long strong hug. Father Time, however, doesn’t know his own strength and this hurts your entire human body.

Is Liquid Glucosamine Too Good to be True...
You might be saying to yourself, “liquid Glucosamine seems too good to be true,\" but in fact liquid Glucosamine is not a hoax.

Chondroitin Assists in Osteoarthritis Relief
Chondroitin is safe and effective as an Osteoarthritis pain relieving aid. Chondroitin is naturally found in the body, but diminishes as we age or when our health is compromised. Chondroitin is an important element in the creation of cartilage.

Acupuncture Beneficial for Osteoarthritis Pain
Osteoarthritis, the most common degenerative joint disease, may have a vast impact on your daily life. It can cause pain and stiffness that affects your mobility, your ability to do your normal daily activities, your mood, and quality of life.

Best Glucosamine Supplement
If you are considering taking a Glucosamine supplement, then you want to make sure it’s the best product available. So, what exactly should you be looking for when searching the Glucosamine market? Read On...

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  • Dosage Info

    The daily dose of Synflex® for humans is 1/4 oz. We recommend doubling the dosage during the first ten days. For individuals weighing more than 220 pounds, you may wish to take a 1/2 oz. per day.

  • Liquid Glucosamine FAQ

    You have questions about liquid glucosamine and arthritis pain relief. We have answers.

  • Usage

    Learn how to measure Synflex's liquid glucosamine properly.

  • Ingredients

    Synflex has the ingredients we claim it has as shown by a random test of a number of Glucosamine products conducted by Consumer Labs several years ago.

  • All About Glucosamine

    Have questions about liquid glucosamine and how it can help provide arthritis joint pain relief? Find out here how glucosamine helps arthritis and Synflex has the best Glucosamine supplement on the market for your joint pain