Natural Pain Relief from Osteoarthritis

Whether you are playing tennis or crocheting, running a marathon or just up the stairs, at some point in your life, you will feel stiff and sore. This condition of arthritis joint pain consists of mild to severe discomfort in your back, neck, hips, knees, hands and feet, can make you less active and decrease your quality of life.

Why Me and Why Now?

The seemingly tireless energy your body had when you were younger, where you could play all day, wake up and play all day again will inevitably give way to swelling and aches and you will not be able to get and go as soon as you once were able to, as your body requires a longer recovery time. Sports and other strenuous activities, even everyday motions impact the health of your joints. Unfortunately, your body’s natural ability to repair itself has diminished and the cartilage in your joints is starting to wear down faster than new cartilage can be produced. At its extreme, when there is little to no cartilage and a bone rubs against another bone, you will be experiencing the excruciating condition called osteoarthritis. This loss of mobility can affect your lifestyle and have a dramatic effect on your quality of life.

Natural Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis

To combat these degenerative effects on your joints, consider natural osteoarthritis treatments such as glucosamine. People who take glucosamine for their osteoarthritis pain relief can experience less discomfort and even restoration of their overall joint health. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring fluid found in the connective tissue of the body. As the body ages, less of it is produced causing more friction when bones rub against each other. By taking glucosamine for your arthritis joint pain, you are helping to replace your body’s deficiency to produce glucosamine itself. Additionally, its natural anti-inflammatory properties may reduce or eliminate the need for other pain medications such as NSAIDS, or nonsteroidal anti-flammatory drugs, which have harmful side effects such as ulcer formation and can cause kidney and liver damage or failure.

Are Natural Arthritis Treatments Right for You?

If you are looking for a safe, effective and natural alternative treatment for the aches and pains of arthritis joint pain, consider taking glucosamine as a dietary supplement. Most glucosamine products are extracted from animal tissues such as shellfish or synthetically manufactured in laboratories and typically come in tablet or capsule form.

In addition to taking a glucosamine to provide nutritional support for your cartilage and joints and to treat your osteoarthritis pain relief, you might also want to consider a leaner diet and to exercise routinely. The goal with effective natural osteoarthritis treatments is to keep you active therefore it is imperative to stay fit and to not put on extra weight as this will exacerbate your joint problems.

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