Remedies For Osteoarthritis

For the last seven years or so your family’s dog has been running to the bus stop to meet your children as they got off the bus.  Since school started this year things have been slightly different.  Your pet started just trotting out to the bus stop, then he started walking and now he doesn’t even greet them at the door.  He is also having difficulty getting in and out of the car.  When your kids started getting concerned; you knew it was time to pay the veterinarian a visit.

After a quick physical exam and X-rays; your vet says that your dog is suffering the early stages of arthritis.  Your vet isn’t concerned and you shouldn’t be either.

Dog joint inflammation can be a painful ailment that impacts more than 9 million dogs within the U. S. Dog arthritis is a very common problem that shows up that one in 5 dogs over the age of seven. When dog arthritis remains neglected it can result in a painful affliction known as “bone to bone” contact.  It is the scraping of bones that starts with the slow degeneration of the joints.  It can affect all or just a few of the joints in your dog’s body.  Dog arthritis happens rarely in young dogs.  It is usually that they have inherited an ailment like hip dysplasia.  Some dogs get arthritis early due to accidents or injuries to their bones and joints that never healed properly. In some instances, an infected joint can cause canine arthritis too. This is known as infectious arthritis.

Dog joint supplements are wonderful as a precautionary measure as well as pain management.  Give your pet a joint supplement that contains glucosamine and chrondritin daily. Some foods and snacks are made with these nutrients, although may not be in adequate amounts be restorative. These compounds support repair and lubricate each ageing joint.  Check with a high quality pet retailer and you'll discover a multitude of joint dietary supplements. Other supplements can be offered independently, or coupled with glucosamine and chrondritin.  These other joint arthritis supplements are MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and hyalauric acid. Most of these joint products take three to six weeks to make a full impact.

Since most types of canine arthritis have no cure it is essential to treat this disease early. Other remedies for osteoarthritis are heated beds where the dog can lay.  Heat eases the pain and discomfort.  If the dog is overweight it is time for the dreaded ‘D’ word, Diet!  The more weight the animal has to lug around the more painful it can be.  If possible, try to encourage your dog to exercise; this will help get the nutrients moving in his system.  Take all treatments slowly.

Offer the best dog joint supplements to your furry friend.  He has added so much to your life, start adding to his.

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