Arthritis Pain Relief for Summer Vacations

The Liquid Glucosamine Difference

Arthritis pain relief while on vacationThere is about a month or so left of the academic school year left, which means many families will be going on Summer vacations. It’ll be a much needed reprieve for not only the kiddos, but also parents, grandparents, and legal guardians alike. There’s nothing like getting away from the office to a little R&R!

But don’t get too excited about this year’s vacation. Many Americans will suffer through their vacations. They’ll be plagued by arthritis pain. The first thing they’ll do is reach for the nearest over the counter pain pill. Aleve, Tylenol, or Advil are quite popular. It seems to be a quick fix. The only thing is, they arthritis pain relief only lasts a few hours at most. It comes back later in the day and most definitely the next day and lasts all week. So instead of enjoying the beach or the amusement park, even a hike at your favorite campground, you’re hobbling or cringing with pain. What’s worse, the pain itself will be on your mind, preventing you from thinking about the wonderful memories you’re creating. It’s sad, really.

We may be a little biased, but we think the best solution for arthritis pain relief is liquid glucosamine. Our pharmaceutical grade liquid glucosamine can make the difference between having a relaxing trip to being in terrible agony and pain. Synflex rebuilds cartilage that cushion our joints. Incorporating Synflex into your routine now can make your Summer vacation more enjoyable because it gives the formula time to work.

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