Liquid Glucosamine for Arthritis Pain

Liquid Glucosamine Information

Liquid Glucosamine Benefits

Why Liquid Glucosamine?

Pills, capsules, and powders only have a 15-20% absorption rate, whereby liquid glucosamine will provide you with an 80-85% absorption rate.

Synflex® is a pharmaceutical quality (98% pure) liquid glucosamine formula that is combined with ten other natural synergistic ingredients. Synflex® is of the highest quality and proven effective.

What makes Synflex® one of the best glucosamine products on the market?

  • Liquid delivery system for maximum absorption and maximum pain relief
  • The highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, from all US sources
  • No fillers like many glucosamine pills
  • Long lasting relief
  • No dangerous side effects

Synflex® aims to:

  • Help soothe sore, achy joints
  • Maintain joint flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate the production of synovial fluid
  • Help maintain the health of existing joint tissue
  • Assist in the rebuilding of healthy new cartilage

Liquid glucosamine for use in family pets provides an equal percentage rate of absorption to that of humans. See what people have to say about Synflex for Pets

Synflex also sponsors Olympic athlete Tim Burke. Here is what Tim has to say about the Syn-flex® liquid Glucosamine formula.