The Best Liquid Glucosamine Supplements

Why People Trust Our Products

Synflex® uses only the highest quality natural ingredients and is one of the most effective glucosamine chondroitin formulas on the market today. Why are our supplements the best?

  • No fillers like many other pills
  • Long lasting relief
  • No dangerous side effects such as those with NSAID’s and Cox-2 Inhibitors
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Gluten-free

Unlike the majority of the glucosamine products found on store shelves today, Synflex® was not rushed to market. While most companies were scrambling to get their brand in the competitive pack, the developers of Synflex® were already marketing the best possible product for arthritis sufferers and their pets. While other companies focused on profits, we took an extra eighteen months to perfect the Synflex® formula.

The Best Glucosamine Supplements

We did not offer up a less expensive and ineffective pill or capsule formula, where quality is easily disguised. We do not use fillers like the majority of the glucosamine pills available. We do not use average quality either. We use 98% pure liquid glucosamine.

Synflex® contains key ingredients that are not found in other products on the market today. Our unique formula is the key to your return to living a normal life without the need to risk the side effects of NSAID’s or Cox-II Inhibitors.

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