Liquid Glucosamine Success Stories for Dogs

Real Stories


My sixteen year old cat, PJ, has very bad arthritis. About 3 weeks ago I took her to the vet and x-rays confirmed that she has arthritis in both hips and both knees. The vet put her on a narcotic for the pain (Butorph) and Cosequin. I tried to give her the Cosequin, but she hated it and preferred not to eat rather than eat food with Cosequin in it. I gave her the Butorph for two days (I wish I hadn't) and she was totally drugged and hiding all the time. Her eyes were dilated and she was totally scared. At the same time I started to give her my efa's which are lemon flavored and which she hated. The day I took her to the vet I read about Synflex on the internet and ordered it. It was here within four days and I started her on a double dose immediately. Within a few days I could see a big difference and within 10 days she jumped on the bed (she had not done that for weeks and it is a one time occurrence, at this time). She still limps when she walks and she is still in some pain, but the Synflex has made a huge difference. She has been on it for less than three weeks. We're hoping that she will continue

Daniel & Sarah | Perth. Western Australia.

Thank you 2 everyone involved with this product. my 6 month old rottweiler puppy was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. We were given 1 option and that was 2 put him to sleep as we could not afford a triple pelvic osteotomy. After much sadness i stumbled across Synflex on the net and thought there was nothing 2 lose. We were absolutely blown away how quickly our baby started to show improvement. He went from crying in pain through the night ,to running ,jumping and wrestling with our 10 year old rottweiler coincidentally our 10 year old rotty is now on Synflex also and acts like a 2 year old now. This product is genuinely amazing and we cannot thank you enough. We now recommend it to everyone we know.

Theresa Marler | PupGear Corporation

Dear Syn-flex, As a pet product manufacturer, I have access to the latest miracle products for senior dogs. My 13-year-old Sheltie that has been instrumental in developing many of our products has slowed down considerably over the last year. Three months ago, she took a turn for the worse. She had a severe limp, and walking was very painful for her. She could not walk more than 10 steps with out lying down. As a last resort, I ordered a bottle of Syn-Flex for pets. To be blunt I doubted the claims you made on your website. It has been two weeks since I started Tully on Syn-Flex. What can I say You gave me my dog back! I forgot how spoiled and demanding she is. She now sits beside by desk and stairs at me while performing a staccato bark! She wants to play! God Bless you for making this wonderful product available!

Jennifer Jean Smith | MICH

I recently decided to become an affiliate marketer for Syn-Flex. I am an independent singer-songwriter and have started to update my website. The first thing I wanted to do was to add the Syn-Flex link. I am so grateful for this product as it has made all the difference in my dogs life (and so of course mine!) I'm attaching the link to my website so you can view our little add for Syn-Flex and our testimonial (Josie's Story). I'll add a Syn-Flex Banner soon. Thanks so much!

Nancy Norton | Northeast PA

I found your product by doing a search on the internet when my black lab mix began having trouble walking due to arthritis. She would have occasional flares and Aspirin would do the trick. But there came a point where the Aspirin didn't work anymore. I ordered Synflex after reading all the information on the website knowing my other alternative was vet prescribed meds that can have horrible side effects which I really didn't want to resort to. After receiving the Synflex, I began giving it to my dog and by the second day I could see a major change in her. She no longer limped and acted so much happier. I couldn't believe it. It has been well over a year since I started her on Synflex and she is still doing great. I feel Synflex has bought us more time to spend with her. I can't imagine what condition she would be in today if we hadn't tried your product. Thank you. I tell everyone about Synflex and how great it has worked for us. Thanks again,

Michael and Cathy Cesario | Bethlehem, CT

We have a 12 year old Shetland Sheepdog. During the past couple of years, she began to have difficulty going up the stairs to the 2nd floor, getting up from the floor (especially the hardwood floors), did not run around and play with our other younger Sheltie. She reached the point that we had to start carrying her up the stairs. Our Vet gave us three different products that contained Glucosamine and were very, very expensive. In each case, our dog could not tolerate the products. Either she vomited, had diarrhea, or some other negative reaction. Then we discovered Syn-flex. Within a few weeks, we began to see a gradual difference. After two months, she runs up the stairs, gets up much more easily from the floor, including the hardwood floors and plays actively with our other Sheltie. She has had absolutely NO side effects and readily takes the Syn-flex from an eyedropper. Based on her weight, we give her a 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. To top it all off, Syn-flex is a lot cheaper than the VET Products that our dog could not tolerate. Thanks very much for an excellent product. We have told many of our friends about Syn-flex and will continue to do so.

Sue | Johnstown, NY

I just wanted to thank you for your product. My 4 year old pekingese has a knee that pops out of the groove ( I never can remember the medical term!). After some experimentation, I settled on glucosamine, with my vet's approval. A friend showed me your website and I decided to give Synflex a try. What an amazing difference! My little guy was running and jumping again! That was last summer. In August he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and wasn't expected to live. He was on large doses of several medications. The Synflex and knee were forgotten while he fought to live. Because he was so weak walking wasn't a problem anyway. I pretty much carried him everywhere. But wait, there's a happy ending here! It's been 7 months since his illness. He is currently in remission. He is on a maintenance dosage of Prednisone. His prognosis remains "fair", but he is happy and appears comfortable. With his improved health and mobility, his limp returned, so again with my vet's approval, I restated the Synflex. He is on no other medications, not even heart worm, flea control, or vaccinations. He is not limping. He tires quickly, but he is now running for short distances. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful product! I truly believe Synflex has made a profound difference in my little doggies life. No matter what the future holds for him and for however long I have him, I will always be grateful for the comfort and mobility that Synflex has given him.

Cheryl Davies | Lancashire England

We just wanted to send you a thank you for developing this wonderful product. Our lovely Angus is a black (going rapidly white)! Labrador who celebrated his 13th birthday on Boxing Day. For some time his legs had been stiff and we were really worried. I was determined to try and find something that REALLY worked but that was a natural product. I read many reviews about Synflex before I took the plunge and ordered some. We started Angus on the Synflex on Nov 1st 2004 and we truly have never looked back, we give him 1.5 tea spoons a day. He is like a young dog again, he plays with his toys, jumps and bounces and has once again discovered his zest for life. His coat is glossy, his eyes bright and clear and he is a very happy dog again. He used to yelp in pain when he sometimes got up or led on his shoulder, but we haven't had a peep out of him since he was on Synflex. We call it his magic medicine from America! So, thank you Synflex, our last years with this wonderful boy will now be pain free. I also tell everyone about Synflex too, so you may be getting more orders from Lancashire. I enclose a photo of Angus taken in the snow this Christmas.

Michael and Ana

Hello, Our twelve year old shepherd/chow mix dog wasn't walking to well. She also had great trouble getting up particularly on a smooth floor. Maggie also appeared to be in some pain too. My wife found your product on line and we thought we would give it a try. That was last week. Maggie has been taking Syn-flex for about six days now and I will tell you she is not the same dog! She gets up easier, walks much better and has more energy. Yesterday, I was out in the yard with her and called to her. She ran over to me and right up onto the porch. She wasn't even limping as before. Thank you to the makers of Syn-flex. I know Maggie thanks you.

L. Somers | Oswego, NY

Our 7 year old (dog) Corgi, Zoey was having so much trouble with her back legs that she could no longer get onto a couch she loved. After lying down, she would hesitate to get up, and often drag her back legs a bit. Her back right leg would bother her so badly she would limp. We started the Synflex this summer and immediately noticed a change after a week or two. Now it's fall and she actually jumped up onto the couch for the first time in months. She no longer limps, she plays rough with our other dog and appears so much happier. After lying down, she gets up without hesitation. We are so thankful for the Synflex!! It has been well worth ordering and we will continue to use it!


I just wanted to tell you my story. My old cat got to the point where she could barely walk and we were going to have to put her down. We decided to try the Synflex first. I ordered the Synflex and started giving it to her. Within a couple days she started walking again. Within two weeks she was walking just fine. Within two months she actually was running around and jumping up on things again. This cat was 15 years old. She lived another year and a half before she stopped eating and had to be put down. This cat got a year and a half of quality life that she would not have had if it had not been for Synflex. I am now ordering another bottle for my 14 year old dog who is having trouble getting up and down. Thank you for making this product available. You can use this testimonial.


Hi, I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the results I have seen with Synflex! We have a 12 year old Westie named Daisy. About 4 years ago, she ruptured the ACL in both her hind legs. After speaking with our vet and an orthopedic specialist, we decided surgery was probably not necessary and since she is a small dog, she would heal if we followed a routine of restricted exercise, no jumping or running and no stairs (we got pet stairs so she could still access one of her favorite sports (.....the sofa!). After about three months, Daisy was walking fairly well but she certainly showed signs of arthritis and it was hard for her to stand up from a sitting position. At that point, our vet put her on a pill form of glucosamine and Chondroitin along with Zubrin (an anti-inflammatory). She showed little to no improvement and we were very concerned. I decided to try Synflex and after about 10 weeks, she was showing considerable improvement. Now, several months later we just cant`t believe the difference. She stands up from a sitting position with ease, moves about the house with ease, walks with ease (her stride is fairly normal) and she seems much happier. It was truly a miracle for us. I have also put some friends on Synflex who have fairly serious arthritis and they are experiencing great results. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Jeff, Toby

Dear Syn-flex, I must agree that your product is awesome! Our 3 year old, 15lb JRT went from an active, energetic young dog to a lethargic old dog almost overnight. He was having difficulty rising after resting, did not want to sit, and definitely did not want to walk much. This is a dog that flew to the door at the jingle of a car key. We took him to the vet for an evaluation and x-ray. The x-ray indicated that he may have disc disease at L7-L8. We (he) was given an anti-inflammatory and pain medication which left him laying around 24/7. The doctor said if he wasn't better in two weeks we might consider an MRI at $1600. So...I went out and bought a Glucosamine tablets for him only to find out that he has an allergic reaction to shellfish. His face swelled up like a balloon. After much research and web surfing I found Syn-flex. Many "search words" I used brought me to the Syn-flex site. Here is the great news. I received your product on a Friday and gave Toby some that evening. After one week of 28 drops per day, and daily prayer, he appears to be in better shape than he was before we took him to see the vet! He is running, jumping around, and can't wait to go for a ride! Truly an awesome product. I will be recommending that my vet make this available to all his patients.

Winston’s Mom

Good morning, I discovered your product on the internet..Syn-Flex for dogs, I said "what the heck, let me give it a try!" Well I ordered 3 bottles, I just started the second bottle and Winston is like a new dog, he's 13 years old, but he is moving much better, wants to take longer walks..his whole quality of life has improved immensely!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carol, Mario & Monty Angelosanto | Sydney. Australia.

I just wanted to thank you for your truly wonderful product which has given us so much to look forward to. Our beautiful 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Monty broke the crucial ligament in his back leg 3 years ago. Diagnosed as inoperable he had deteriorated to a lame, sore and tired dog riddled with arthritis. Walks, playing with the ball, walking on stairs and jumping were a thing of the past. Monty was unable to walk without limping which was more profound after he stiffened up in his back leg after long periods of inactivity or alternatively too much activity. Poor Monty really couldn't win! With very little quality of life for a dog so young we wondered what Monty's future may hold given that he was too young to commence stronger drugs and was not responding well to prescribed anti-inflammatory medications Thanks to Synflex after 8 weeks on the product we have our beautiful puppy back. The difference is incredible. Our beautiful boy is jumping, playing, walking, running and up and down the stairs and not showing ANY signs of the stiffness and pain that had become a day to day part of his life. His limp has disappeared which is truly amazing. There was a noticeable difference in Monty within days of commencing Synflex and we are so grateful and so is Monty! Everything I read about Synflex before trying it is true. The results have exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you Synflex from very loyal customers down under!

Kim and Mike H. | Glen Carbon, IL

Hi, I started my 9 yo cat on Syn-flex last night. He is already showing much improvement! My husband and I sat on the couch last night in amazement on how well he was walking around. He has FHD along with arthritis in his knees. We just got the x-rays back this week. His hip pops every step he takes and only can take a couple of steps at a time before stopping and resting for a long periods of time. He barely could make it up/down the stairs. He couldn't walk on our hard wood floors at all due to his legs slipping out from underneath him. Now just after 2 to 3 doses of "SYN-FLEX" he is doing so much better. Walking continuously w/o stopping, playing with our other cat and is getting around on our hard wood floors with no problem. I am totally amazed at what this product has done for our very sick cat. He used to quiver with pain continuously, that is gone now as well. Synflex has worked so well on him that we just ordered 6 more bottles for him/family and ourselves who suffer from arthritis in one way or another. Thank you again for making this amazing product! We are forever grateful for what it has done for our Noah boy. Surgery is not an option anymore, Thank God!

Donna | Niagara Falls, NY

Our 12-year old min-schnauzer was having a real hard time walking and trying to go up and down our steps to go outside. The vet gave him an arthritis medication but I was reluctant to use it. I checked all the information and testimonials on Syn-flex and decided to give it a try. It seemed to work within 2-3 days with our Bunky. Where he could barely walk before, he was almost running with the other younger dogs within a week. At the same time I was using the product for my arthritis in my knee and felt a huge improvement immediately. When we ran out of the product I didn't re-order, thinking I could some like products from the pet stores. No way did they work the same. I just received my first re-order of Syn-Flex, Bunky has taken 3 doses and is again is lively, playful self that he was before when he took it. THANK YOU for this wonderful product!!!

Sadie | New Orleans

Sadie is my 8 year old lab who pretty much overnight started struggling tremendously with what seemed to be her hind left leg....we took her to the vet, hoping for the best... she was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine.well, what do we do now?? vet said to give her glucosamine(any kind) and wait about 2-3 months to see results... if that didn't work, try Rimadyl...well, i was going to make Rimadyl my last resort...we gave her the glucosamine for 4 months and it did absolutely nothing...the arthritis actually seemed to get progressive worse..i then went on the internet and discovered Sadie a double dose for 1 week and the normal dose everyday for the past 3 months.....Sadie has no limp at all... she has been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and gained 14 pounds in 6 months (62-76).its now under control, but thru all of the weight gain, she has had no limp whatsoever... my dog is the world to me and this product has probably extended my world an extra 3-4 years....fantastic product...when i say that results were noticed in 2-3 weeks, i mean it...thank you.

C. Smith | Hayward, CA

This product has made so much difference for my Jack Russell Terrier! He's almost 12 and has had medial luxuriation of the patella severely for about the past 3 years. When we started this he could barely walk, now he runs and plays and can jump on the bed again.

Ben (Ginny & Bob Brownson) | PUNTA GORDA

I have a dog, Ben, who will be 16 years old in February. This past summer his rear hips were really beginning to fail. He couldn't walk up 4 stairs without his hind legs collapsing. Ben started using Synflex, and within a week, I saw a noticeable improvement. Now, Ben actively romps and frolics around the yard with our 10 month old puppy and 5 year old pekingese. He jumps up on the picnic table with ease, goes for rides in the golf cart, getting in and out with no help, follows me around the yard while I mow on the riding mower. I just can't give enough testimonial on how well this REALLY works. I'm basically at a loss of words. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the makers of Synflex. Every dog and cat should have Synflex in their stockings this year!!