Living with Arthritis Pain: Relief with Glucosamine

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Everyday Life

Arthritis is the number one cause of disabilities.  Television does a good job of minimizing arthritis pain with prescription drug commercials. The people depicted in these commercials are active and living their life as if they don’t have arthritis. These big drug companies want you to forget that you have arthritis. But those of us who suffer from arthritis pain know that’s completely unrealistic. Those commercials are actually offensive because they minimize arthritis pain.

Arthritis isn’t something that just goes away the minute you take a pill. Pills take time to get absorbed by our bodies so we have to wait to feel the effects.  Living with arthritis is serious. It’s debilitating and painful.

Imagine not being able to get out of bed because your hips are stiff and throbbing with pain. Your knees are locked and bending them hurts too much.

Imagine not being able to brush your teeth because your hand is frozen and you can’t hold your toothbrush.

Your can’t hold your silverware because your fingers can’t bend to hold your spoon or fork.

You want to enjoy your coffee in the morning, but you can’t seem to grip the coffee cup.

You want to play with your kids or grandkids, but you know that you won’t be able to enjoy that special time, much less keep up because it hurts too much.

Living with arthritis is tough. Finding arthritis pain relief can be a nightmare. Your doctor wants to prescribe those pills you see on TV. But your doctor really doesn’t go over side effects unless you ask.  Your arthritis won’t go away when you take a pill. It will still be there. You’re just numbing the pain. You’re left experimenting with pain relievers old remedies concocted  in someone’s grandmother’s kitchen long ago. Blindly experimenting doesn’t help.

Arthritis joint supplements are different. They don’t just numb the pain or provide a false sense of hope. They work at the source of your arthritis pain. Glucosamine has been proven to rebuild cartilage. That’s what Synflex does. Our formula helps fight arthritis at its source.  Over time, many people taking Synflex arthritis joint supplements find that their arthritis pain has diminished. Over 1 million people continue taking Synflex because it works for them.

We understand what it means to live with arthritis. We understand what it feels like to not be able to do those basic things that make everyday living what it is. We understand the throbbing pain we get when we do the simplest things.

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