Arthritis Pain Relief after Hip Replacement

Liquid Glucosamine during Recovery

We’d all like to age gracefully. We think of life going as is except we slow down just a little. We don’t think about needing hip replacement surgery or needing to find an arthritis pain remedy. We’re invincible, right? That stuff doesn’t apply to us.  When your doctor tells you that you need a hip replacement, reality sets in.  It really was arthritis pain you were feeling, and now your doctor says it’s time to get it fixed. 

We always recommend talking to your doctor before beginning any sort of home regimen. Talk to your doctor about an arthritis pain remedy like Synflex for use after surgery. You shouldn’t take Synflex before surgery because it could react with other medications and you want your system to be clean. It could also thin your blood, which you don’t want before surgery either.

But after a hip replacement surgery, you should be fine if you want to use Synflex as an aid to arthritis pain relief. Remember that Synflex products aren’t pain relievers. They help rebuild cartilage, which is why it helps, not cures, arthritis pain.  

After a hip replacement surgery, make sure to follow all doctor’s instructions. You’ll experience some stiffness. The last thing you want to do though is to stay in bed for long periods of time. Moving around helps. Walking will help. You will feel stiff and be in a lot of pain. That’s what happens with surgery. Once you clear it with your doctor, ask to get on Synflex to help with arthritis pain relief. Start back on the liquid glucosamine formula. For fast relief where it really hurts, the Power Plus Roll-On can be a godsend. 

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