Beth R’s Arthritis Pain Relief Success Story

Real Stories About Synflex Arthritis Joint Supplements

ankle arthritis joint pain reliefWe’ve heard a lot about how Synflex provides our pets arthritis pain relief. But there are also lots of stories of how our arthritis joint supplements help us people folk too.  Our own CEO, JR Rogers has experienced the amazing arthritis pain relief our liquid glucosamine provides.

One of our former wholesalers, Beth R., sent us an email telling us how our arthritis joint supplements has helped her. Here’s what she had to say.

I whole-heartedly endorsed and sold Synflex. However, I have retired and travel a great deal.  I had osteoarthritis in my ankles.  In 2005 and 2006, I had ankle replacements. I no longer suffer pain from that. I have suggested that anyone who bought it contact the company as I am no longer available to them in the ND area.

We are so thrilled that Beth no longer suffers from arthritis pain in her ankles.  If you have a success story you wouldn’t mind sharing, email


Image: Ventrilock


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