Glucosamine Explained: Pain Management Tool

Glucosamine is an Effective Pain Management

If you, someone you know, or even your family pet has Osteoarthritis, then you know that finding a safe and effective pain management plan may leave you confused or concerned. 


Prescribed vs. All-natural Pain Management

There are many pharmaceutical medications that your doctor may have recommended or prescribed, but it is vital to your health to research the side effects of these popular, over prescribed medications, and to weigh the risks to your health. 

There are many all-natural pain management tools that you can use to control your symptoms, such as dieting to lose weight, choosing foods that improve arthritis related symptoms, doing low-impact exercises and strength training, as well as taking supplements that are beneficial to the disease. 


Glucosamine for Arthritis Pain Management

Research shows that the supplement Glucosamine can reduce joint inflammation and pain, as well as assist in the rehabilitation of damaged and deteriorated joint cartilage.  Like many arthritis sufferers, you may not have heard about Glucosamine until you began your research, or maybe you are still confused or leery.  Glucosamine may be the key component you need to continue living a normal and active lifestyle, pain free.

Glucosamine is naturally found in our body. However, as we age or live with a condition such as arthritis, we lose the ability to produce sufficient quantities of the compound.  By adding the supplement to your daily diet, you will not be adding anything foreign or chemically produced to your body. 

Glucosamine is an amino sugar, a glucose and glutamine amino acid product.  Having sufficient quantities of Glucosamine is essential to producing the nutrients we need to maintain good joint health.  Glucosamine helps the body to repair damaged cartilage, while promoting new cartilage growth.  It stimulates synovial fluid, which is the lubrication that acts as cushioning for the joints. 

Glucosamine is the extra cellular matrix of cartilage, and a high quality liquid formula can help with your pain management, inflammation, discomfort, stiffness, and improve mobility.  The most inviting aspect of managing your arthritis with Glucosamine is that there are no adverse side effects.  Many of the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs can cause unwanted side effects, but all-natural Glucosamine does not.

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