6 Supplements That You Should Consider Taking if You’re Serious About Running

As a runner, it’s important to fuel your body with the right nutrients to help you perform at your best. While a healthy diet can provide most of the necessary nutrients, sometimes our bodies need an extra boost. That’s where supplements come in. In this article, we discuss the importance of taking supplements as a runner, what the benefits are, and which supplements you should consider taking.

Why Runners Need Supplements

Running is a high-impact exercise that places your body under a lot of physical stress. That’s why you need to support it adequately to avoid injury and improve performance. Supplements can help you fill the nutrient gaps that your diet may not be meeting, providing you with the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to perform at its best.

The Benefits of Supplements for Runners

There are several benefits of taking supplements as a runner. Firstly, they can help improve your energy levels, which is essential for sustaining long-distance runs. Secondly, supplements can aid in muscle recovery, reducing the risk of injury and promoting faster recovery times. Finally, supplements can improve bone density and joint health, which is crucial for maintaining healthy bones and preventing injuries such as stress fractures.

Consider taking these supplements if you’re serious about running

It can be difficult to narrow down which supplements you should take, given the plethora of choices available on the market. Here are a few that can boost your performance and aid in recovery:

Protein Powder

Protein is essential for muscle repair and recovery, making it an important nutrient for runners. While it’s possible to get enough protein from your diet, adding a protein powder supplement can make it easier to meet your daily needs.

There are many different types of protein powders available, including whey, casein, and plant-based options like soy or pea protein. Choose a protein powder that fits your dietary preferences and needs.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of healthy fat that have been shown to improve heart health, reduce inflammation, and boost brain function. For runners, these benefits can help improve endurance, reduce muscle soreness, and support overall health.

Sources of omega-3s include fatty fish like salmon, as well as flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts. However, if you don’t consume these foods regularly, a fish oil supplement can help ensure you’re getting enough omega-3s.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps your body absorb calcium. It also supports immune function, and helps in maintaining healthy bones. For runners, vitamin D is especially important, as it has been shown to improve muscle function and reduce the risk of injury.

The sun is your best source for vitamin D, but many people don’t get enough due to factors like limited sun exposure or living in areas with little sunlight. A vitamin D supplement can help fill this gap and support overall health.


Magnesium is a mineral that plays a critical role in muscle and nerve function, energy production, and bone health. For runners, magnesium can help reduce muscle cramps and soreness, improve sleep quality, and support recovery.

Sources of magnesium include spinach, almonds, and avocados, but many people don’t get enough from their diets alone. A magnesium supplement can help ensure you’re getting enough to support your running goals.


Iron is an essential mineral that helps transport oxygen throughout the body, making it critical for endurance athletes like runners. Low iron levels can lead to fatigue, weakness, and decreased performance.

Sources of iron include red meat, beans, and spinach, but it can be challenging to get enough from your diet alone, especially for female runners. An iron supplement can help ensure you’re getting enough to support your running performance.


Glucosamine is a supplement that is commonly used to support joint health. It is a natural compound that is found in cartilage and helps to cushion and lubricate joints.

For runners, joint health is especially important as the repetitive impact of running can place stress on the joints. Taking Glucosamine supplements can help reduce joint pain and stiffness, improve joint flexibility, and support overall joint health.

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Our liquid glucosamine product is highly bioavailable and quickly absorbed, since it comes in a liquid form. The best part is that it comes in a delicious orange flavor that you’ll delight in drinking again and again! The serving size of just 1/4th of an ounce means you will get a whole 32-day supply out of just one bottle! That is a terrific value compared to other supplements on the market that require very large servings of 1 to 2 ounces at a time.

Taking supplements can provide valuable support for runners looking to improve their performance, recover more quickly, and maintain overall health. By incorporating these supplements into your routine, you can help fill any nutrient gaps and support your running goals.

Of course, it’s important to remember that supplements should not replace a healthy diet and regular exercise. They should be used to complement a healthy lifestyle and support your overall health and fitness goals. With the right supplements and a commitment to healthy habits, you can support your running goals and achieve your best performance.

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