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Osteoarthritis and Beating Fatigue: Living Life Out of Alignment

Beating Osteoarthritis Fatigue and Living Life Out of Alignment

Table of Contents: 1. Living Life Out of Alignment 2. Osteoarthritis and Beating Fatigue     Living Life Out of Alignment There are simple things that we do in everyday

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Exercise and Healing Osteoarthritis

The Exercise Component of Healing Osteoarthritis

Table of Contents: 1. The Exercise Component of Healing Osteoarthritis 2. Hip Dysplasia: Is Your Pet Suffering? 3. A Guide to Glucosamine Products   The Exercise Component of

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dumbbell training

Strength Training with OA

Got Arthritis? How about lifting weights? Well, that sounds challenging. I mean, who would expect that someone who suffers from Osteoarthritis would be interested in lifting weights? The an

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Exercise, Arthritis, and Glucosmine

30 minutes of exercise a day and Liquid Glucosamine According to federal health officials, we should all engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. That is a moderate amount of exerci

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Arthritis and Joint Pain

Here are suggestions on typical supplements for arthritis pain When medical conditions such as bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, sprains/strains and gout cause swelling, pain

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Tim Burke Update Summer 2014

 Bend, Oregon I just completed our first training camp of the season in Bend, Oregon. It felt great to get back in the full swing of training after a nice period of recovery. I always enjo

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An Olympics Success Story and Liquid Glucosamine

Tim Burke - Synflex-sponsored athlete completes in Sochi When you are looking for a quality, high-impact Glucosamine for joint care you want the very best. The Synflex® liquid Glucosamine

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The Best Glucosamine Supplement for Tennis Players

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Athletes and Tennis Players Athletes face injury and surgery all the time. Our joints deteriorate faster because we put more pressure on them. Combine that w

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Joint supplements for runners

How to Use Joint Supplements for Your Running Program Running is a high impact sport. And while it isn’t always seen this way, running is one of the toughest sports on your joints. Most a

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Summer Update from Tim Burke

Glucosamine and Olympic Training We are proud to sponsor Olympic biathlete, Tim Burke. He takes Synflex glucosamine daily. Here’s an update. It seems that summer has once again flown b

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Power Plus for Tennis

Part of the Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement Your Tennis Family Tennis is on the minds of many spectators as of late. With the ATP World Tour underway, we’ll be watching ESPN close

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Tim Burke in Bend, OR and Training

Glucosamine for Tim Burke's Training I am back in Lake Placid now after a great training camp in Bend, Oregon. Despite a rough start, where we we had a 24 hour airline delay. Bend once

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Glucosamine for Football Players

The Best Glucosamine for Football Players Kids love summer. There’s no school. No homework—it’s about having fun. If your son is athlete and on the football team, it’s also about ge

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Arthritis Joint Supplements for National Running Day

43 million runners are active in the US according to Running USA. Today is National Running Day and running is a good way to lose weight and get fit as well as a great cardio for your heart.

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Exercises for Arthritis

Combining Exercise and Liquid Glucosamine Let’s face it. Arthritis hip pain down right sucks—especially now that temperatures are climbing and it’s so much nicer outside than it was a

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Words from Synflex for Athletes Biathlete

Using Arthritis Joint Supplements During the Off Season Okay all you Winter sports fans! We’ve heard from our favorite Olympic Biathlete and Synflex or Athletes users, Tim Burke. He had a

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Spring Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Exercises

Arthritis Joint Supplements and Spring Outdoor Activities It may not feel like Spring at the moment with all this talk of cooler weather, but it is in fact Spring. Sooner or later, it will

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Spring Training with Joint Supplements for Runners

Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement for Runners and Athletes Spring is around the corner, and it’s time to start training for races. Whether you’re planning on running in one race o

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Off Season Training with Liquid Glucosamine

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Athletes Like anything, practice makes perfect. That’s especially true for athletes, during on and off season. If you don’t practice, your skills get rus

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Liquid Glucosamine Athlete, Tim Burke, Wins First Medal of 2013

Tim Burke, a Believer in Synflex, is Indeed a Winner! Valentine’s Day was a special day for our biathlete, Tim Burke. He won the silver medal at the 20K Individual World Championship. It

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Liquid Glucosamine Biathlon Update

From Tim Burke We love helping others, especially if it means giving them the opportunity to do what they love! Tim Burke loves skiing and winter sports. When he was told he had arthrit

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Osteoarthritis Hip Exercises

Simple Hip Exercises for Osteoarthritis Sufferers If you suffer from osteoarthritis of the hip, you may find that exercising isn’t as easy as it once was. However, lack of exercise may in

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Osteoarthritis and Sports: Young Athletes

Young Athletes with “Old Joints” Studies show that athletes who train, practice, and play sports that range across the novice level, are more likely to develop Osteoarthritis than those

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Effective Forms of Arthritis Exercises

Exercise is an effective way to keep arthritis pain at bay Exercise is an effective way to keep arthritis pain at bay.  It is crucial to the prevention of arthritis to keep moving.  A lac

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