Words from Synflex for Athletes Biathlete

Using Arthritis Joint Supplements During the Off Season

Okay all you Winter sports fans! We’ve heard from our favorite Olympic Biathlete and Synflex or Athletes users, Tim Burke. He had a great season and now it’s time for a break. Of course, that still means he’ll be taking Synflex arthritis joint supplements daily so his joints can feel at there best all year long.

Here’s what Tim had to say.

I have been home for just over a week and am loving every minute of it! After nearly five months on the road, it felt great to finally arrive home, unpack my bags and sleep in my own bed. I absolutely love competing on the World Cup, but there is just something about coming home that will always be special.

A Great Year

This was a very memorable year for me. I accomplished nearly all of my season goals with winning a World Championship medal, getting back to the podium on the World Cup, finishing in the top ten of the Overall World Cup standings and meeting the pre-qualification standard for next years Olympics. This was clearly my best season to date, and I hope to carry this momentum into the Olympic season. Next year I will put all of my focus on the Olympics and winning the US biathlons first Olympic medal. I know this will be a big challenge, but I feel that I have taken the steps necessary to give myself the best chance at success next year. My medal at World Championships this year was a big step for me as it proved that I am capable at hanging with the best at the biggest competitions. 

For now I am on to the recovery part of my season. After so many months of training and racing, my body is a little beat up and in need of some recovery. While I continue to stay active, I don’t have any set training schedule for the next few weeks. It’s important that I use this time to make sure that my body fully recovers from the long season, so that I will be ready to go when regular training starts up again in a few weeks. During this time, I will also work a lot with my coaches on evaluating the past season and looking for areas where we can continue to improve. If I don’t continue to look for new ideas to get better, then I will surely get left behind!