Fighting Juvenile Arthritis with Liquid Glucosamine

Arthritis Joint Supplements for Kids with Arthritis

We spend a lot of time discussing arthritis joint care in adults here at Synflex.  But adults aren’t the only ones who suffer from arthritis. Young people suffer too. There are just under 300,000 people under the age of 18 who suffer from Juvenile Arthritis (JA).

JA is complicated. There are many types of JA, including three types of rheumatoid arthritis:

  • Polyarticular—affects five or more joints, typically knees, writsts, and ankles as well as other joint bearing joints
  • Pauciarticular—affects four or more joints and usually affects one side of the body, may cause eye inflammation
  • Systemic—affects small joints in hands and feet

NSAIDs are a common solution for arthritis in adults, as well as with children. We, of course, know that pain killers are also liver killers. They damage adult bodies and side effects can be brutal. Imagine what they’re like on a little person.

Liquid glucosamine is an option. Like with adults, Synflex liquid glucosamine supplements are a superior product you can trust for you kids as well.

Image: Sean Drelinger