Summer Update from Tim Burke

Glucosamine and Olympic Training

We are proud to sponsor Olympic biathlete, Tim Burke. He takes Synflex glucosamine daily. Here’s an update.

It seems that summer has once again flown by faster than expected. Overall, I had a great summer of training with no serious injuries or other health problems so I was able to put in a large volume of training hours. You might be surprised to hear that I actually train more weekly hours during the summer than any other time of year. While the summer might not hold the most intense training sessions, it definitely holds the most training hours.


I find the summer months to be the toughest time to come up with interesting update material. It’s not that I’m not busy during the summer but it’s just that my day-to-day routine does not change so much. A typical day for me in the summer might start off with a three hour run, followed by a big lunch and some recovery time, after that I normally head to the shooting range for another practice and I follow that up with another couple hours of physical training.

I basically repeat this routine six days a week for the entire summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this schedule. While some might find this monotonous, I enjoy all of the time outside getting a chance to do the things I enjoy. I also enjoy showing up to training each day with a specific goal in mind of what I will try to improve.

Lake Placid

After spending most of the summer in Lake Placid, I changed things up a bit and traveled to Germany last week for a three week training camp. I always come to Germany at this time of year for a training camp because I feel it is important to mix up my training routine a bit and train with some of the other best biathletes. While it’s important for me to have confidence in my own training plan, I find it is also super important to see how other athletes are training to make sure that I am not missing out on anything. So far my time in Germany has been great and I will be here for another 11 days before heading back to Lake Placid.

I attached two pictures from a summer biathlon race I participated in last Sunday. The race went right through the city of Puttlingen, Germany and it drew 20,000 spectators. This was another great opportunity for me to get in some quality training during the summer months. No matter what I do in practice, it is impossible to duplicate this type of race feeling in training. While I did not have my best race, I was in the mix and I am happy with where I am at for this time of year. After all, I plan on saving my best for the winter!

Thanks for all of the continued support!

My Best,