Arthritis Sufferers: Far Infrared Light Therapy May Help

Steps to alleviate the symptoms

When you are suffering from Arthritis pain, you are often willing to take any additional steps to alleviate the symptoms.  Arthritis can often be managed through exercise, diet, supplements, and medication.  When these attempts fail to offer the relief you are striving for, you may look into the various alternative and holistic options that are available to you.  Far Infrared Light Therapy may help you to combat the adverse side effects of the disease.

What is Far Infrared Light Therapy?

Far Infrared Therapy, often called FIR Therapy or Infrared Light Therapy, utilizes a low energy of light that is invisible to the human eye.  The light does not harm or cause damage to the skin, as other forms of light can.  Each type of light is formed from a different wavelength, with the shorter wavelengths causing the most stress and damage to the skin, such as ultraviolet light or Gamma Rays.  Far Infrared light has a long wavelength, and is near the red light with a long distance on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Far Infrared Light Therapy uses the light to penetrate under your skin, usually 2-4 inches, which helps to dilate and expand the peripheral blood vessels.  This process can increase circulation while delivering oxygen to the blood cells and soft tissues.  Far Infrared Light Therapy may be helpful for various medical ailments, such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and skin conditions (acne or aging).  It may also increase your metabolism, energy levels, and immune system.

Far Infrared Light Therapy for Arthritis

For Arthritis suffers, the therapy also promotes pain relief and healing.  The light increases the circulation and oxygen to your muscles and soft tissues, and may reduce pain while increasing mobility.  The light acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Far Infrared Therapy is offered at many medical facilities and therapy centers.  You can also do the therapy at home with the use of the various Infrared Therapy products available on the market today, such as blankets, pads, saunas, lamps, and clothing.  You should not try Far Infrared Therapy for arthritis without first speaking to your doctor.  This therapy may not be appropriate for some individuals and interactions with medications should be discussed.