Being Proactive Pet Parents: Help with Liquid Glucosamine for Pets

Giving Your Dog or Cat Freedom from Joint Pain

We like having the freedom to do what we want without feeling arthritis pain. Going out for jog or playing with our kids (or grandkids) without grimacing in pain. Our pets would like that too. Cats would like to jump on our counters and furniture. Our dogs would like to run after our kids and play fetch, dig in the yard, chase critters, and jump on furniture—all without arthritis pain.

We’ve had quite a few pet owners, especially dog owners, contact us these past few days. They told us how their dogs suffered from dog joint pain. Once they put their beloved pooch on Synflex dog joint supplements, they say instant results—usually within a day or two.

Synflex works for pets just like it does us humans because our glucosamine is pharmaceutical quality —the best quality glucosamine we can use. It tackles joint pain at the source, by helping rebuild cartilage, which helps alleviate arthritis pain.

Glucosamine for cats works just as well as it does for dogs. The only difference is the dosage. You can check dose amount on the bottle for the dose or check the dose online. Pet parents can administer the glucosamine with a syringe your pet’s mouth or mix with their food.

You can give your pets as much freedom as you can allow by giving the gift of being free from joint pain. You can give the gift of being from negative side effects from prescription anti-inflammatory medicine. Our pets can vocalize what they want or don’t want. They can’t speak for themselves and tell us they don’t like feeling woozy or dizzy or that their stomachs are queasy. We have to be proactive when it comes to their well being. Synflex liquid glucosamine for pets is here to help you do that.

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