Best Glucosamine Battle of the Doses

Synflex vs Doctor’s Best

You know you have lots and lots of options when it comes to glucosamine. We know that. But there are lots of reasons why Synflex is in fact the best glucosamine supplement out there. Let’s talk about glucosamine dosage.

People make the mistake that thinking the cheaper glucosamine supplement is better. But what they’re missing is that one reason it is so cheap is because it barely has any glucosamine to begin with. Take Doctor’s Best Glucosamine. It only has 750 mg glucosamine. Synflex original has 1250 mg of glucosamine and Synflex 1500 has 1500 mg. Now which do you think works better? Top off that Doctor’s Best is a pill, which means it only has 20% absorption rate vs the 80% in Synflex.

When it comes to arthritis, you need pain relief fast. Dosage does matter. It affects how fast and well the supplement will work, and it also affects the value. The smaller the dose, the more you’ll have to take. The value decreases. Synflex works pretty quickly—between a week to several weeks. It works so well that we have sold over 1 million bottles worldwide.