Best Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

Let’s get the facts straight

As you may or may not know, dogs (and other animals) have natural Glucosamine in their bodies. And, just like humans do, they lose some of that Glucosamine as they get older. So, the result is that for dogs we have a supplement their lost Glucosamine.

Pet Owners and their Pets

Pet owners are always worried about their pets’ joints. And, there is no specific reason for this. Certainly, we worry about our family pets and the joint issue since we are very close to our pets. It’s that simple. And, once their pets start to show evidence of joint problems, owners tend to overact.

What some experts have to say

Dogs tend to “demonstrate” a problem with a joint (or joints) if they in fact have one. They start “favoring” a certain joint; or, they tend not to put weight on an affected joint. And they usually are not quite as playful as they used to be. Of course, limited jumping or “play time” is just another indication that something is not right.

The dogs with no Arthritis symptoms

Also, there are dogs (just like humans) who have joint-related problems but do not show it. It is a cold fact of life that many have arthritis developing either as primary arthritis or secondary arthritis due to an injury. 

So, how do vets want to handle Dog Arthritis?

Rather than resorting to the use of prescription medications for dogs with arthritis, many modern veterinarians turn to Glucosamine. In fact, since Synflex® was introduced in 2001 to the world market, many recommend liquid Glucosamine. It is a smart choice.

Based on the clinical studies, it is now apparent that pills and/or capsules do not absorb well. And, there are reasons for that. Binders and fillers are often found in these Glucosamine products and that hinders the absorption and bioavailability of the Glucosamine their bodies need.

Quality control on Glucosamine pills and capsules

Historically, there have also been quality control issues with Glucosamine pills and capsules. That is to say that manufacturers claim to have a certain percentage of the stated ingredients and on examination, it is found that they do not have those percentages. Nearly all are lower than stated.

Ease of use

It can be a real challenge to get a dog to take a pill or capsule (Well, all pets are like that). On the other hand, liquid Glucosamine is just sprinkled on a dog’s food and it is simple as that. Synflex® provides a convenient chart that tells you exactly how much Glucosamine your dog needs based on his or her body weight.


Pet Dosage Chart

Actual absorption and bioavailability

Synflex® offers this as well. With pills and capsules, they estimate that only about 17% of the Glucosamine is actually getting into your dog’s joints. On the other hand, Synflex® liquid Glucosamine is entered at about a five times higher rate. That is, about 83%.

Can you see the difference?

Dog’s don’t lie. If they feel better after being given Synflex® liquid Glucosamine, they are going to demonstrate it. Owners report that “most act like puppies again.” So, if you are a human who is thinking about trying Synflex® liquid Glucosamine but are skeptical, the company recommends “testing it on a dog that is visually having joint issues.” The company says anywhere from 3-10 days there is usually “a different dog” to see. I would say that is a pretty confident company. And, they have reason to be.

Over 1 million bottles sold in over 100 countries

Synflex® has a varied and wildly popular Glucosamine product line. One is for human and athlete users. 

For dogs, they offer two different products. The first is Synflex® Regular formula which can be used by both humans and family pets. That Glucosamine formula contains 1,250 mg. of pharmaceutical-quality liquid Glucosamine. And, for the dog that is in need of a little more help, the company offers Synflex® for Pets (Beef-flavored). The latter product offers 1,500 mg. of the same quality liquid Glucosamine.

Other joint-healthy ingredients

In addition to their pharmaceutical-quality Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Glucosamine Sulfate, Synflex® also offers up some other joint-healthy ingredients.

Chondroitin Sulfate

This ingredient works to inhibit enzymes that destroy cartilage (The protective “cushions” in dogs’ joints). 

Boswellia Serrata

This ingredient in the Synflex® products acts like an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). And, it has some clinical backing that is very significant.

In a 2004 clinical trial, it was demonstrated that dogs had a significant reduction in pain; stiffness; and, lameness. And, this happened after just six weeks in the study. It is an important ingredient and cannot be overlooked.

There are other ingredients in Synflex® liquid Glucosamine that all contribute to a well-rounded joint product. Those two just have some extra significance.

If there is any hesitation on your part in selecting a liquid Glucosamine for your dog’s arthritis symptoms, you might want to take a look at some pet testimonials.