Can you take Synflex® when you suffer from diabetes?

There are two types of Glucosamine that are typically used in products.  The most popular is Glucosamine Sulfate and it is the one that is supported by clinical evidence. You can read about that evidence for liquid glucosamine on our website. Now, if you suffer from diabetes, can you take Syn-flex®? As the label notes, Glucosamine Sulfate is found in the product.

Many years ago there were studies conducted that suggested that Glucosamine Sulfate affected blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. And further, that it might interfere with diabetes medications. But there is nothing to worry about. Later studies found that the opposite was true. The Glucosamine found in Synflex® does not raise blood sugar levels and there is zero evidence that it interferes with insulin.

I think that a lot of this kind of thinking about dangers of using Glucosamine began because it is a type of sugar. But again, the most recent studies maintain that it is perfectly safe for diabetics to use.

How about my dog or cat?

Can you take Syn-flex® when you suffer from diabetes? The same issue is raised with diabetic pets. For them, it is a life-long medical condition and it requires insulin injections on a daily basis.

The pancreas’ inability to produce insulin is known in humans as Type I diabetes. This is similar to the diabetes that affects dogs and it is the most common form found. About 1 in 150 dogs suffer this condition.

Type II diabetes, is caused by insulin resistance and it is the most common form in humans. Most diabetic cats have Type II diabetes but there is zero evidence that this occurs in dogs.

So, is it safe for me and my pets to use Glucosamine like Synflex®? The answer is “yes.”

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