Dog Joint Pain Ice Cream Treats

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs in a Tasty Summer Treat

Now that heat has descended upon us, we have to think of fun ways to stay cool—that includes keeping our dogs cool. Summer is when our dogs want to enjoy the warmth and play outside. They want to hangout with us too while we cookout. Now you can give them a cool treat while you man the grill or enjoy a cold one.

Now you’ve heard of people giving dogs a few licks from their ice cream. But what if we told you that you can make a special ice cream treat? You can buy a snack called Frosty Paws next to the ice cream bars at your local grocer. These treats are better because you can add liquid glucosamine for dogs to sneak in extra nutritional value and help keeps your furry friends joints healthy.

Take the recipe above and add one serving of Synflex for every ounce of yogurt. Serving size depends on your pet’s weight. Blend, pour into ice trays, and freeze. They are easy to make and super yummy. Your dog will LOVE this cool treat. They won’t know it’s good for them, but you will.