Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs

The basic nutrition needs of dogs are seldom covered with dog food alone and, particularly specific problems like arthritis in dogs. For optimum health, your dog will require several multivitamin, calcium and joint supplements.

Amongst all the joint supplements for dogs available in the market, liquid glucosamine for dogs is one of the finest. It helps with joints in most canines. In aging dogs,  joint supplements like liquid glucosamine can help to achieve the optimum amount of collagen required to build muscle.

Glucosamine can be administered either through injections, liquid syrups and solid capsules. Judging by consumer and medical reports, liquid glucosamine for dogs is the best choice for pet owners. The following pros and cons described below is a wonderful guide to pet owners who are skeptical about giving dogs liquid glucosamine.

The Pros of Liquid Glucosamine:

Using liquid glucosamine for dogs is a straightforward way of inserting the supplement into your dogs. You simply mix them in water or food. Liquid glucosamine is easily available, and can be stored for months. This is an affordable way of taking care of your dogs joint heath. Your dog will wolf them down with their meal because they are tasty.

The Cons of Liquid Glucosamine:

The only side effect of liquid glucosamine for dogs is that they are not fast enough with the results. It can take a considerable period of time before the supplement is effective depending on the severity of your case.

How much Liquid Glucosamine Must Be Given to Your Dog?

There is no standard dosage in the case of liquid glucosamine for dogs. The quantity of supplements for dogs will depend mostly on their weight, body mass ratio index. Lastly, whether the dog is on another medication, and the severity of arthritis. We recommend consulting your vet before beginning any prescription of supplements.

Is Improvement Guaranteed?

Many dog owners do not find much of an improvement in their dogs’ joint problems simply because they did not administer the right dosage of supplements. Given the right amount of supplements, you should be able to see positive results in less than a month.