National Tequila Day—and Synflex Glucosamine

Mixing Tequila and the Best Glucosamine

Wouldn’t you know it?! Today is National Tequila Day! That means you have a free pass to indulge in an adult beverage. Maybe you can’t drink during the work day, but come 5 pm, you are more than encouraged to go to happy hour.

Tequila isn’t just any ol’ hard alcohol, its made in Mexico with blue agave. Those of you who don’t know, agave is an all-natural sugar derived from cactus plants. Tequila must contain 51% blue agave to be considered tequila.

What you also didn’t know you could do is make tequila work with your body to fight arthritis. Yes, you read that correctly. To do that, mix 1 dose of Synlex  in your margarita. Synflex Original is a berry flavor and Synflex 1500 is an orange flavor.  A tasty way to take your glucosamine. Meanwhile, helping your joints as the same time.

However, this is the only way you should take glucosamine. Too much alcohol is harmful fro your joints. However, an occasional drink won’t hurt, especially at home.