Ralphie’s Synflex Success Story

How Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs Helped Ralphie

Synflex loves our pets. It’s one reason we offer liquid glucosamine for pets.  We know how awful arthritis can be. Our pets feel that same pain only they can’t verbalize their discomfort. It’s our job to pay attention.

Liquid glucosamine for dogs has saved so many dogs and their owners costly surgeries. Just ask Cathy A. Synflex liquid glucosamine for dogs saved her from paying for an expensive surgery and her dog from the pain and recovery of surgery. Here is Cathy’s story.

liquid glucosamine for dogsMy dog Ralphie is 5 years old and has been getting Synflex daily for close to 4 years. Ralphie starting “skipping” & limping when he was 1 year old. A visit to the vet determined he has luxating patellas in at least 2 legs. My vet suggested surgery, but that would mean that post surgery, no jumping or running would be allowed for 6 weeks. I had a 1 year old terrier; there was no way to stop that activity.  So I decided against the surgery. During my research for alternative options I came upon Synflex, liked what I read and purchased. Within in 3 days, Ralphie was no longer skipping or limping! Ralphie has been symptom free since starting Synflex. I have lost count on how many people I have recommended your product. Thank you so much for helping Ralphie.

Liquid glucosamine for pets, made by Synflex is the best.