Rudy’s Glucosamine for Arthritis

Liquid Glucosamine Does Work Better!

Arthritis hip pain is a big problem for so many of us. It’s one of those signs of aging that really lets us know we’re over that hill and have crossed over to the other side of no return. Admittedly, it can be a bit depressing to think that a hip replacement is in our near future. Even then, we won’t be the same.

We instantly turn to our doctors for help, hoping they can suggest a solution that will provide us with some sort of arthritis hip pain relief. We think they have our best interest at heart since they are medical professionals after all. But then they prescribe pain killers and NSAIDs. Those things seem harmless, but over time they damage our liver cause other health problems. Plus, pharmaceutical companies hit doctors pretty hard, trying to get them to prescribe certain drugs. There are nice perks if they do.

Rudy was lucky. His doctors actually recommended glucosamine for arthritis. Here is his story:

I pulled out my hip in the gym and was in severe pain. My doctor took X-rays and found that I had pretty bad arthritis and the injury just triggered the whole thing to spasm. I tried physical therapy, stretching, chiropractor (which helped) and mega dosing on Aleve. Finally, my chiropractor and physiatrist said to take Glucosamine. I started with pills but found Synflex. The results were truly amazing. Within a week I began to feel relief and now – one month later – I am almost 100% better. I have been double dosing and it is truly a miracle.

Two things to note about his story. 1) He was lucky to have medical professionals advise him to take glucosamine for arthritis instead of prescribing more pills. 2) He started out with the pill form of glucosamine and realized it didn’t work. So he switched to liquid glucosamine instead.

Why does Rudy feel so great? Because our liquid glucosamine for arthritis formula contains chondroitin which does three things.

  1. It draws nutrients into your cartilage.
  2. It increases the flow of fluid into the cartilage to add resiliency.
  3. Blocks enzymes that destroy cartilage.

Other drugs on the market don’t do that. We’re glad Rudy is feeling better. Our hope is that you try Synflex and get the same results.